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You hooked the ground wire to you amp to a hot wire. The hot wire is black and it's the hot wire to the cigarette lighter. I used to be a Ford mechanic and saw this alot and charged people lots of money to fix their Stupid mistake.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-01 08:22:09
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Q: What causes a blown electrical system?
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What causes electric windows and central locking not to function on a vw polo 2000?

The cause of this issue can be blown fuses in the car. If the fuses are not blown, there is a fault in the electrical system.

Will a blown electrical system caues your van to over heat?

No unless the belt driving the alternator and cooling fan breaks

One of the more common causes of is an electrical power variation?

system failure

What causes a 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria instrument panel lights not to work if there are no blown fuses and no other electrical issues?

maybe the bulb is burnt

What could cause no power with no check engine light?

If you mean no electrical power then the computer couldn't give you a warning light because it has no power to operate. Common causes of lack of electrical power include a blown fusible link, a blown main relay ( not all cars have them ), a dead battery or a severe short.

What causes an ignition fuse to blow?

a short in the wiring system A blown fuse is caused by a short or an over current condition.

What else causes brake lights not to work?

fuses are blown, or bulbs are blown

What are the common reasons a car has electrical problems?

A dead or weak battery is one of the more common reasons for a car to experience electrical problems. A bad alternator, blown fuse, or broken wire are other common causes.

What causes involuntary movements of muscles?

electrical inpulsis to the muscles instigated by the autonomic nervous system.

Why cant you turn your ignition on?

You may have a flat battery, a blown fuse or a loose wire. You need to trouble shoot your electrical system to find the fault.

What causes the hazard lights not to work on a 92 Chevy silverado?

There are a variety of reasons the hazards lights may not work. The flasher module could need replacing. The fuse may be blown. The bulb may be blown. There could even be an electrical malfunction.

Which system shows a transformation from chemical to electrical and light energy?

A car battery causes the headlights to shine

What causes overheating in a 2002 Buick Rendezvous?

some general causes: leak in cooling system (including possible blown head gasket) resulting in loss of coolant; defective thermostat

What causes the engine to have a excessive white smoke when first start?

pressure test the coolant system you will find a blown intake or head gasket

What causes electrical system to pulse on a 1999 Honda Passport?

did you recently pull the horn fuse? That's what happened when i did

What causes white smoke and sputtering?

blown headgasket

What causes your car to over heat?

Either you have low coolant, defective cooling system (bad radiator) or a blown head gasket (or all of the above).

Can a blown head gasket cause electrical problems?

No likely but possible if coolant is leaking out onto some electrical component.

What causes battery drain in Honda rancher?

The main cause of battery drains is a bad electrical system. The electrical system is normally powered by the alternator and once the alternator goes bad the battery has a hard time holding a charge,

What causes a battery to go dead?

battery no longer can store a electrical charge, a charging system failure, a parasitic draw,

What causes a bad cell in a car battery?

A short in electrical system within the battery where two cells short together.

Why won't your Camaro run?

Several causes may prevent a car to run. The most common is related to the electrical system.

What is an overload in an electrical system?

In an electrical system over load means over current.

If you take out the factory radio and install a new one why the car wont start its a 1996 grand am?

o.e. radio may be part of alarm system. or, blew out fuses. may have caused electrical damage(cut wires, blown electrical components).

What causes a blown head?

99% of the time it is overheating of the engine.