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What causes a blown electrical system?


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2004-07-01 08:22:09
2004-07-01 08:22:09

You hooked the ground wire to you amp to a hot wire. The hot wire is black and it's the hot wire to the cigarette lighter. I used to be a Ford mechanic and saw this alot and charged people lots of money to fix their Stupid mistake.


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The cause of this issue can be blown fuses in the car. If the fuses are not blown, there is a fault in the electrical system.

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No unless the belt driving the alternator and cooling fan breaks

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fuses are blown, or bulbs are blown

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If you mean no electrical power then the computer couldn't give you a warning light because it has no power to operate. Common causes of lack of electrical power include a blown fusible link, a blown main relay ( not all cars have them ), a dead battery or a severe short.

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