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the coolant temperature sensor could be faulty.......

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Q: What causes a car to hard start in the morning?
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What causes white smoke when you start the car in the morning?


What will be done to a diesel car that is hard to start in the morning?

glow plugs

2004 avalanche why is it hard to start on a cold winter morning?

There are a few reasons why a 2004 Avalanche may have a hard time starting in cold weather. Reasons include the battery being cold which takes longer to start the car and the oil is colder which causes slow starts.

When I try to start my vehicle in the morning after a cold night it takes 5 or 6 times to start what causes that?

You should check if your Battery is weak for it can cause the delay in starting your car.

What should you do if you have to jump start your car each morning?

This may be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. However, there may be other causes as well.

Your fuel pump is really loud 1989 cutlass supreme where is it and how do you change it car hard to start in morning?

Located in the fuel tank remove to access

Why would a car start in the afternoon but not in the morning?

A car may start better in the afternoon, because the heat of the sun has warmed up the engine. Once a car has sat over night, it may be difficult to start in the morning because the engine is cold.

Why your car dies after running for a period of time?

car dies when running then hard to start ,if it will start

Could Computer be dead for 1997 Dodge Intrepidif car won't start?

It is possible, very hard to tell. There are many things that will keep a car from starting. Possible causes are fuel system, ignition system,.....

Car will start up every morning can drive a short distance car will not start I wait about 10 minutes then the car will start again. 1989 olds?

check the fuel pump relay. it may be overheating.

Changing the car stereo to my 2001 camaro could causes to the car do not start?


What is the light puff of smoke from right side of car when put in reverse when parking?

Anytime a puff of smoke comes from a car it is usually not good unless it is a cool morning and it is a cold start. This causes condensation because hot from the exhaust meets cool air.

Why is it hard for a car to start when the engine is cold?

It is not so much hard for a car to start when the engine is cold as it is easier for a car to start when the engine is warm.Cars that are hard to start in the cold are usually not new cars any more and because of wear and tear there is more likely to be something that doesnt work as well. when fuel is warm it ignites more easily.

Why wont your fiat punto start in the morning?

There could be many reasons why a car won't start in the morning. It might be a problem with a cold start, but it could be the battery isn't connected all the way, or the lack of gas.

What is a good sentence for battery?

Leaving the car stereo on overnight can drain the battery and make the car impossible to start in the morning.

Your car will not start in the morning it turns over and al the power work s fine but it takes almost 10 turns of the key to get the car started it starts fine in the afternoon though Any thoughts?

There could be many reasons why a car has an issue starting in the morning but not the afternoon. The most common start is that the battery has an issue with cold start, and would need to be replaced with a battery that does have a cold start option.

What causes a car to be hard to steer in the morning and squeal?

Hopefully, all you need is to add some power steering fluid. The cooler temperature at night can make the fluid you have compress and accentuate its lack, and a squeal occurs when more fluid is needed.

What causes a car vibrate at light stop?

It is idling. This is hard for an engine to do smoothly.

What causes a car to hard start?

Some things that cause a car to hard start are: bad ignition coil, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel pump relay, fuel pump, fuel regulator, battery, bad electrical connections on battery, dirty battery, dirty carb, clogged fuel filter, dirty IAC, and the list goes on.....

Your car lost power while driving and now will not start?

my car has no power when driving. plus its hard to start. after i ran it low on fuel

What causes car not to get fire or fuel?

A car will never need fire to start. But it will always require fuel.

My car will not start in the morning won't even crank turn the lights on but starts fine in the afternoon. The battery always reads about 12-125 in the morning and afternoons.?

your carsis probly to cold to start up

Why wont my Rover 420 diesel start this morning has a clicking sound?

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

What causes your car to start after you try starting it for awhile?

bad switch.

Temp sensor causes car noT to start?

Yes, on some vehicles.