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Check the clutch release bearing, and also loot at the clutch release arm. Whenever the clutch release bearing is not properly lubricated, (ON THE SURFACES OF CONTACT TO THE PRESSURE PLATE AND THE MAINSHAFT) then the metal drag will pull and cause the release bearings holding bracket to "sit and click" Let me know how it goes, (I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCEI HAVE AN 88 LEGEND COUPE THAT I HAVE REPLACED THE TRANSMISSION ON)

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โˆ™ 2005-02-15 19:58:24
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Q: What causes a clicking sound in the transmission of a 1988 Acura Legend?
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How do you change transmission in a Acura Legend?

How do you change transmission in a acura legend?

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1993 Acura Legend?

on the engine

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1988 Acura Legend?

It is important to use the correct amount of fluid in a car. The 1988 Acura Legend takes about 3.2 quarts of transmission fluid.

What is the location of the speed sensor for a 1987 Acura Legend?

On the transmission

How is the transmission shift cable removed on the 89 Acura Legend?

The 1989 Acura Legend transmission shift cable is held in place with swivel nuts. Loosen the swivel nuts on each end of the cable. The transmission shift cable will come out.

How do you change a transmission filter on a 1990 Acura Legend?

The transmission filter is not in the pan like most other vehicles. On a 1990 acura legend it's an inline filter kinda looks like a fuel filter but located by the radiator.

When was Acura Legend created?

Acura Legend was created in 1986.

1992 acura legend makes a clicking sound when you slow down?

check the brakes usually click when pads get thin

How do you add transmission fluid to a 93 Acura Legend coupe?

On my '94, I went through dipstick. Make sure you get the HONDA/ACURA fluid from the dealer.

Why 1988 Acura legend downshifts?

Why 1988 acura legend downshifts

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 1990 Acura Legend?

Same place you check it if it is an A/T. If it is a manual there is a plug located near the top of the transmission.

Location of transmission linkage on 1994 Acura Legend?

The transmission linkage connects the shifting the lever in the passenger compartment to the shifting lever on the transmission. You will find the shifting linkage on the side of the transmission.

How many quarts does a acura integra automatic transmission hold?

Around 10 or 12, depends on what transmission is in it. Acura Legend auto trans holds 12 an it's a 2.7 v6, it is impossible to take that much

How do you change an Acura Legend engine mount?

On the acura legend you have to lift up the motor or lower it down and the transmission to change the mounts,.,,keep in mind on the front supports you can see them just below the radiator and you have to pull that out as well

Why hesitate shifts 1989 Acura Legend?

It could be a number of things going wrong. Try dropping the transmission pan and changing the transmission oil filter and transmission fluid.

What is Ignition timing specs Acura Legend?

Were are the timing marks on a 1991 acura legend

What size are the factory speakers in the 1996 Acura Legend?

There is no such thing as a 1996 Acura Legend

Where is the obd plug on a 1993 Acura Legend?

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How do you replace the alternator on a 1989 Acura Legend?

How do I put a alternotor belt on a 1991 Acura Legend

What causes your 1992 Acura Legend to to rev when im in park?

YOu might have a cracked head gasket- that what caused mine to do that

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1994 Acura Legend?

replacing headlights on a acura legend 1995

Where do you install a new flasher for a 92 Acura Legend?

where do you install a new flasher for a 1991 Acura Legend?"

How do you replace water pump on a 1991 Acura Legend?

how to replace a water pump on a 1991 acura legend

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 Acura Legend?

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 acura legend?

How do you drain the transmission fluide on a 1990 Acura Legend?

it on the left side of the tranny pan, behind the front driver side tire