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What causes a clicking sound on a 1996 Geo Tracker LSI when accelerating but stops when constant speed is reached?


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2011-02-23 21:13:06
2011-02-23 21:13:06

If it gets worse when turning corners under power, CV joints.

Really depends on where the sound is coming from. If it's engine noise any number of things could be wrong. Acceleration puts more of a load on the engine, making all the gremlins more evident.

Determining what each engine sound means is beyond the scope of this.

AnswerMine did the same thing. It turned out to be the ignition timing was off.Pre-detonation caused the ticking sound. Either use a timing light to set the timing or have a mechanic do it or trial and error(i.e. move the distributor SLIGHTLY one direction, the drive and see if the ticking is better or wose and go from there).it also may be a exoust leek and that would make a slite tick

*Ignition timing is related. This is specifically a noise between the camshaft and the valves. It clicks because the lifters are solid, and at least one has excessive clearance (or wear). You will notice it under varying load conditions while driving straight, and it will be worse when the engine is cold. Have the lifters and cam shecked for wear, and set the clearance 0.13-0.18mm. Good luck.


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