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There are a few causes for a hot water line in the kitchen to squeal when it is turned on. There could be a leak in the line.

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There is air in your water supply. It shows as bubbles in the faucet and possibly sometimes makes hammering noises.

To drain the water that is in the pipe or spout..

A water faucet is the mechanical device fitted to the water supply pipes over bathroom and kitchen sinks. When turned on they supply water.

It can be several things, either by themselves, or in combination. 1) the belt has dried up and isn't as grippy any more. This causes it to slip and squeal. There are sprays available to restore grip on belts which might help. 2) the belt has stretched a little, which causes it to slip and squeal. Retension, usually by adjusting the alternator position and it should be OK. 3) one of the auxilliaries(alternator, power steering pump, water pump) is about to seize. If it's harder to rotate the belt will slip and squeal.

The belt will not generally squeal, but the water pump often makes a "Scrapy-scrapy-scrapy" sound.

The force of the water hitting the pipe constantly is enough. Air in the system

they squeal because they are eathier hungry and need more food or they are thirsty and need more water.

Yes, remove your old shower valve and fit a new Moen anti-scald valve. This will not change when other items are turned on.

water thats in the kitchen

As far as I know, its usually a loose washer in the piping somwhere or a mishapen one. An old plumber told me if you hammer the washer on flat surface, that can correct it. Basically as you run the water it resonates creating the noise. The washer is probably in the faucet btw. Like I said I'm no expert just saying from experience.

That squeal you here is a very acute vibration that comes from the washer as it touches down on the base of the tap, it is normally caused due to very high water pressure.

The reason a water pipe squeals is because of the water rubbing against the metal of the pipe.

Check the screen and aerator in the spout for debris that may block the openings

A blocked pipe. The water can not go down the pipe, so it comes out in your sink.

As the water heats up the washer in the tap, it expands. This causes the washer to partially block the open valve.

You can use a big floor speak turned backwards or sideways for a fridge. You can use a Dj turn table as the stove and a wood drawers turned backwards. And then use a blue puffle bed with the puffle water bottle for the sink. And there you have it! A HAPPY CLUB PENGUIN KITCHEN WITHOUT USING THE REAL FURNITURE! Bye! (:

The water valve under the sink is turned off or has gone bad. It is possible that there is a blockage in the faucet itself. I'd start by ensuring that the water valve is turned off, and take the faucet apart and look for anything out of the ordinary.

Move the water heater heater closer to the kitchen sink or you can purchase a water heater unit that you can put under the kitchen sink that will allow you to get hot water faster.

They have probably got air bubbles in them. It may be a worn out ballcock at a toilet.

we use science in the kitchen by boiling water

Because your losing "volume" possibly the piping is under sized or the internal diameter was reduced by mineral deposits

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