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What causes a humming noise in the front of a 06 cobalt car that kicks in after second gear at about 25 mph and gets progressively louder as you accelerate?


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If you changed your rims out and are going with low profile tires this is the problem. Your car will sound like this even when you let the tires go low on both front. I found this out when I had to use my donut. Something about the cars front transaxle makes a humming noise when lower than the usual 16 inch tires/rims are in use. If this isn't the case look towards your muffler heat shield and see if it is loose and rattles when tapped. They used crappy fasteners on these. IF that's not the case maybe the transmission fluid is low... its a sealed unit but if you had the radiator serviced recently some probably leaked out and wasn't refilled. You can take the top part of the transmission line off and fill it from there. Put a half a quart in to see if this helps... it won't hurt and use the factory specified fluid or equivalent. You need a special little plastic ring looking tool to pop the line off the radiator ($5 - $10 autozone or ebay). If thats not it then start looking at the bearing/cv joint ect... start on the cheaper replacement and work to the more expensive to do a smart process of elimination.