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My 99 made a loud howling noise that seemed to come from the air cleaner. It was actually the Idle Air Control Valve(IAC)motor mounted on the right side of the throttle body. It is a silver cylinder mounted by two bolts and has an electrical connector on the end of the cylinder. It get gunked up with soot it is about $80 new. You can clean it with solvent, but it is only a temporary fix. Best replace it before it goes south. I would suspect the power steering pump. Check the P/S pump fluid level. If it is full, then listen carefully to the pump. If it is whining, it is bad.

2007-05-15 16:46:27
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Q: What causes a loud whining noise from the engine on a 99 explorer xls 4l ohv 4x4 when engine is warmed up especially noticeable when stopped on traffic lights?
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