What causes a person to hurt to the touch?

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What causes Pain in the front of knees and sides?

does it hurt to the touch? are they swelled up? can you bend them?

Do stitches hurt?

well for me they did because they messed up with the numbing stuff but if they don't they should not hurt but the injury that causes it does hurt. and it depends on the person when u get them taken out

What causes your legs to hurt to the touch?

Probably numbing or preventing blood to move through quickly by leaning on it. Or you just hurt yourself. Nerves make you feel pain and heat and etc.

How stress affects you?

Stress always affects the person negatively. It causes the person to suicide sometimes. But that person should do anything foolish that to hurt himself.

Do herpes hurt to touch?

Yes herpes hurts to touch.

What is combative behavior?

any physically aggressive act that causes or intends to cause hurt or damage to a person or object.

Did Napoleon help or hurt the causes of the French Revolution?

did napolen help or hurt the causes of the french revoultion?

What causes pain in the sternum?


Why do you hurt all over?

You prolably dont hurt it is the finger and it hurts when you touch it.

Does a stethoscope hurt?

It might be a bit cold to the touch, but otherwise it shouldn't hurt.

Why does your top of your head hurt when you touch it?

The top of your head might hurt when you touch it because it has been bruised by hitting it on something. It is also possible to get a sunburn on the top of your head, and that will also make it hurt.

Can a strong base hurt you if you touch it?


Do brass knuckles hurt?

They do. They hurt the person who is hit with them, and they usually hurt the hand of the person doing the hitting.

Can you feel unborn hamster babies Will it hurt them?

No. You may not touch them unless after 2 weeks. And yes if you touch them it will hurt them, in fact it will KILL them because their mom will eat them.

What causes hydrometra in dogs?

when they get hurt.

When you touch a hot surface what causes you to suddenly take off your hand involuntarily?

I believe you are looking for is "Withdrawl reflex". It is an involuntary reaction of the body to preserve itself from hurt or loss.

How does it feel to be reconciled to the person you hurt or the person who hurt you?

i feel complete and happy.

Can a Jewish person touch a Christmas tree?

Yes. A Jewish person can touch a Christmas tree. Any person can touch a Christmas tree.

Is it bad to touch candle?

Well, if you mean is it "bad luck" then no. But if you touch a candle you will get burned or hurt!

Does it hurt a Luna moth to touch it?

Nope!! :3

Can you hurt your babies fontenel?

yes.....dont touch

Does it hurt a cell when you touch it?

this is a silly question that deserves no answer !

Why do your pubic hairs hurt when you touch them?

To long or to short

Can hair touch your newly pierced ears?

are you kidding!!it can it will not hurt it but i would not recomndit can it will not hurt it but i would not recomndit can it will not hurt it but i would not recomndit can it will not hurt it but i would not recomnd

Does sensory neurons for touch also carries pain impulses?

yes touch receptors can also feel pain you have to touch or be hurt by something or someone for that impulse to relay back to the brain that, yes, that did hurt or, yes, I am in pain