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Your monitor is probably alright. If it was going bad, you would most likely start to see a constant black stripe on the top or sides. Some monitors naturally flicker some when playing videos, such as certain Acer flat-screen monitors.

It could be a sign that you are using the wrong refresh rate or the wrong video card driver settings. Try updating or reinstalling the video card driver (the software that runs the video card).

You could be running low in RAM or just hard drive space, so try removing unwanted programs, games, pics, videos and even documents. Then defragment the hard drive. This would more likely just address a jerky display, not actual flickering. Check that your PC's fan is not clogged with dust, to make sure the system is not overheating.

Sometimes malware (viruses and spyware) can cause video issues. For instance, one type of spyware displays a green dot in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Q: What causes a personal computer's monitor screen to flicker sometimes?
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What causes a LCD to flicker?

LCD's are made up of lines that project an image on the screen. These lines constantly move, sometimes up and down, and sometimes side to side...this causes a flicker often seen on older LCD monitor's.

Identify 3 things that may cause monitor flicker?

A monitor may flicker due to a poor cable connection. Other causes include electrical noises and over-sized speakers near the monitor.

Why are servers are called personal computers?

A server is not a personal computer but a centralized system for data storage. A personal computer is usually one hard drive and a monitor.

What are the symptoms of a broken LCD inverter?

Usually if your LCD monitor's inverter is broken, the monitor's blacklight starts to flicker or goes off.

Do they monitor school computers?

yes they do monitor school computers because of what children do these days.

Is it possible to connect two Computers to a single monitor?

If your monitor has multiple inputs, than yes. However, most monitors do not, and even if they did, you would not be able to view both at once. You can get a device called a KVM switch that allows you to use one (K)eyboard, (V)ideo monitor, and (M)ouse with multiple computers... even if the monitor only has a single video input. You press a button on the KVM switch (or sometimes use a particular key combination on the keyboard) to switch between computers. This still doesn't allow you to see (or control) both computers at the same time, though.

What causes a computer's monitor screen to flicker?

There are a few things that can cause your computer screen to flicker. One being other electronic devices being placed into close proximity of the computer. Also, the rate at which your computer refreshes can also cause the screen to flicker.

What is the role of a DVI switch in a network?

A DVI switch can be used to plug in several different computers to a single monitor. This saves space when you have multiple computers or servers in a network where you sometimes, but not always have to look at the screen of a specific computer.

How do you reduce computer screen flickers?

Raise the refresh rate or get an LCD monitor, as they don't flicker.

Why does a CRT monitor flicker when shot with a digital camera?

It is most likely caused by the radiation/static.

What to do about flashes on my computer?

If you are epileptic try taking a break every 10 -15mins because of the rate computers flash per second. You can check how many time it flashes by the mod code. There are 'screens' that show less of how many times computers flash a second. Older CRT monitors with low refresh rates (lower than 60Hz) can be prone to flickering. You may be able to increase the refresh rate of your monitor by changing the settings on your operating system. If your CRT monitor does not support a refresh rate higher than 59Hz, you may want to consider switching to a LCD monitor which are much less prone to flickering. For a LCD monitor, some people may notice flicker on certain monitors while most other people would not. This can be hit and miss. If you experience this problem, try going to a store and testing out display LCD monitors for flicker.

How do you disable monitor screen flickering?

Disable it? You can't enable or disable it. Screens usually flicker because the refresh rate is too high and the monitor can't perform at the resolution and refresh rate you want. This can cause flicker. How do you disable it? You don't. Lower the refresh rate or your resolution. You can also buy a monitor that supports higher resolutions and refresh rates.

Will networked computers replace personal computers in business application?

networked computers are just normal personal computers connect together businesses usually connect them in a network to fill business needs e.g. to provide Internet or to monitor productivity... so to answer you question most big business will have this and a fair few smaller business will have this setup or will have. The limitations is that in companies the regular users can not add programs and they do not have admin control, so they need their own computers to do some functions and the networked computers are highly monitered, so they may want privacy.

What kind of monitor will notebook computers likely have?

a notebook computer has what kind of monitor

What is the refresh rate below which picture flicker?

It depends on the persistence of the monitor's phosphor. Typically, people can see flicker at 60 Hz, but not at 85 Hz. It also depends on whether or not the display is interlaced or not, as well as on the individual person's eyes.

How early can you see a heartbeat on an ultrasound?

well, i seen the flicker on a monitor, which is the baby's heartbeat..and I'm seven weeks.

What types of computer monitor accessories are there?

There are no computer monitor accessories. There are many accessories that are manufactured for computers, but no accessories for the computer monitor.

What are some ways to monitor a computer network?

Some ways to monitor a computer network is to link all of the computers to one computer that can only be accessed by an admin or computer network specialist that will monitor all of the activities in all of the computers.

Why does a display flicker?

There could be a problem with your monitor or cables. Make sure all cable connectors are clean and connected properly.

How can I use one monitor and keyboard with two computers?

It is very possible to have two computers and one monitor. You will need a Belkin switch. The Belkin switch connects the computers together as well as the monitor to give you more power. But the risk of having this can give you chance of crashes, mostly if the computer's aren't very good.

Write Short note on Computer Monitor?

a monitor or display is an electronic visual disply for computers

What are the disadvantages of monitor?

The disadvantages of a monitor are low radiation which is harmful to human health, screen Flicker, fragile and expensive. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their monitors to make them easy to use and safe.

What is the function of the computers monitor?

To display graphics

Can a monitor run without a PC?

A display monitor needs some sort of input to drive the display. This can be a personal computer (PC). It can also be some other types of computers (midrange, mainframe), An external DVD or other media player, video game unit, or other source of input. There also needs to be a suitable and compatible cable connection to feed the monitor for it to work.

Identify three things that may cause monitor flicker?

Poor cable connections, accumulated or stray magnetic fields, high amount of electrical noise, or vertical scan frequency (refresh rate) below 70 Hz can cause monitor flicker. Page 423 in the A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC, Sixth Edition