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* can a sis turn in to cancer

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Q: What causes a sis on the ovaries?
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What causes you to need to have your ovaries to be removed?

You could have a cyst on your ovaries and the damage of the ovary can be permanent resulting in removal.

What is the job of FSH?

tells you when the ovary kicks out the egg.

What can be some of the causes of not being able to see your ovaries in an ultrasound?

If you are old then ovaries shrink to what is called "streak" in medical terminology - and they ar non- working. So they may not be seen.

Which palindrome do i call my sister?

Unless her name is Eve or Hannah, you might want to stick with Sis.

What can pelvic adhesions cause?

can interfere with the functioning of the ovaries and fallopian tubes and are among the common causes of female infertility. Adhesions on the ovaries or fallopian tubes can prevent pregnancy by trapping the released egg

Can you go through menopause after full hysterectomy?

Yes the hysterectomy alone is removal of the uterus and it is the ovaries failing as you get older that causes menopause. Youl will go into immediate menopause if you have you ovaries removed and are premenopausal

The female hormone that causes one of the two ovaries to release an ovum is called?

estrogen, testosterone is in males.

How do you prevent cows from getting cysts on their ovaries?

There really is no medication or feed system that will prevent cows from getting cystic ovaries, though over conditioning (where cows are too fat to be considered normal condition) may be a factor in a cow getting cystic ovaries. But scientifically there is (as of yet) no known causes of how cows get cysts on their ovaries, nor how it can be prevented with the exception of culling them out.

How do you say Sis in Hawaiian?


Why would you have cyst on both ovaries after a partial hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy only removes the uterus and cervix. The ovaries remain in place, still prone to cysts.* * The only way to prevent this would be an oophorectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries). Unfortunately, this causes the immediate onset of menopause, and is the reason that it isn't done as a matter of course.

What is polycystic ovaries bilateral?

Bilateral means on both ovaries. That is there are cysts in both ovaries.

What are the possible causes of premature menopause?

Causes of premature menopause include autoimmune disorders (thyroid disease or diabetes mellitus), cancer treatments (chemotherapy or radiation), surgery to remove ovaries.