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1. It could be the fuse, one of the large ones either inside the engine compartment fuse box or on the firewall, just below the hood. If so, why did the fuse blow in the first place? 2. It could tbe the temperature sensor switch or the relay if it has one. If the fan turns on when you engage the AC and the AC compressor kicks on, it probably the switch or relay. 3. It could be the fan motor, if it never turns on or consistently blows the fuse, check for voltage. Pull the plug to the motor, start the engine and turn on the AC. If you have voltage at the motor plug, it's probably the motor.

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Q: What causes aan engine cooling fan not to work on a 1992 buick park avenue?
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Does a 1999 Buick park avenue transmission fit in a 1995 Buick regal?

Depends on the engine the Park Avenue had in it.

Show a diagram of a Buick park avenue engine?

show a diagram of a buick park avenue crankshaft sensor

What causes bad idle in 1997 Buick park avenue ultra?

what is the down side of the 1997 buick park avenue

What size engine comes in a 2000 Buick Park Avenue?

The size of the engine in a Buick Park Avenue from the year 2000 is a 3.8 litre V6 engine. It is the same in both the "base" model and the "ultra" Model.

Will a 91 Buick Regal engine fit into a 91 Buick Park Avenue?

If they are the exact same engine (3800 tuned port injection) then yes.

What size engine is in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

3.8 litre

What engine liter is in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

3.8 liter

Where is the power steering reservoir on 2002 buick park avenue 3800 engine?

On the back side of the engine

Does a 2001 Buick regal have a timing belt or chain?

Does a 2001 buick park avenue have a timing belt or a timing chain in the engine?

When Did The Buick Park Avenue Start?

The Buick Park Avenue Started In 1991

Where is the oil filter located on a 1995 buick park avenue?

The oil filter on the 1995 Buick Park Avenue is located on the driver's side in the engine compartment. The filter is close to the firewall on the driver's side.

What causes a 1994 Buick Park Avenue to start shaking when in park and steppping on the gas at 4000 rpms?

You may want to check the motor mounts, it sounds like the engine is vibrating.

How do you change the crank shaft on a 1995 Buick Park Avenue?

By disassembling the engine. Not a DIY job.

Where are the fan relays located on a 1994 Buick park avenue?

Left rear of engine compartment.

How many transmission mounts are there on 2000 buick Park avenue?

Two for tranny and two for engine.

Is there a oil pump on a Buick Park Avenue 1995?

It is located inside front cover of engine.

What is the normal engine temperature 1997 buick park avenue 3.8?

My 1992 PA with a 3.8 engine has a a 195 degree thermostat. This causes the normal engine temperature to be about 205 degrees. The pressure cap will keep the fluid from boiling up to about 240 degrees.

What is the cooling capacity for a 2002 buick rendezvous?

Hi there, here is the information: Engine Cooling System with A/C 9.1 liters 9.6 quarts

Where is the cooling fan circuit relay for a 2000 Buick Regal?

The 2000 Buick Regal cooling fan circuit relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment.

How many motor mounts on 1997 Buick Park Avenue?

The 1997 Buick is equipped with four motor mounts. There will be to motor mounts on the rear of the engine and two motor mount on the front of the engine.

Where is radiator drain on 1994 Buick Park Avenue 3.8 engine?


What would cause a 1991 Buick Park Avenue not to start when the engine is cold?

check crank sensor

What is the stock engine idle speed for a 1987 V6 Buick Electra or Park Avenue?

700 RPM

Where is Egr located on 1991 buick park avenue 3.8L code L engine?

There is no EGR on the '91

Horn location for a 1999 Buick park avenue?

The horn location for a 1999 Buick Park Avenue is along the front of the engine compartment, near the right headlight. It is directed outward to help the sound travel further.