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An electrical fire in an automobile is usually caused by a short circuit. For example, If there are exposed wires somewhere, touching metal, that could start a fire.

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In what kind of circuit is the voltage the same across all branches

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Q: What causes an electrical fire in an automobile?
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What are the 4 major causes of house fire?

Cooking, smoking, heating, and electrical

What class of fire is an electrical fire?

An electrical fire is a class "C" fire. A Class "C" fire is actually a class "A" or "B" fire that is caused by electrical current.

Which engineering branch has more scope after 5 years?

automobile automobile what about electronics & telecommunication? I my opinion electrical is best!

What are the causes of fire in electrical circuits?

Overloading the circuit or a device like a power strip will cause the wiring to heat up at it's weakest point and can result in fire, it can also cause insulation to melt resulting in an electrical short.

Is automobile and power engineering better than Electrical and Electronic Engineering or not?

Automobile power engineering is better if you are making an automobile, but worse if you making a computer or a TV set.

What are the causes of fire outbreak?

define fire outbreak and the causes

What extinguisher to use on an electrical fire?

In the USA an electrical fire is Class C, so you would use a Class BC or ABC for an electrical fire. In other places, electrical fire is Class E. You would use a dry-chemical, CO2, or "clean agent" (Halon) for an electrical fire, as well as TURNING OFF the electric supply.

What electrical device protects home from electrical fire?

The device that protects the home from the start of an electrical fire is an electrical breaker or in some older homes a fuse system.

Is Electrical Engineers are essential in Automobile workshop?

Not normally. However electrical technicians and electricians are probably necessary in larger workshops.

What fire extinguisher for electrical fire?

A Class C fire extinguisher.

What you do in the event of an electrical fire?

If the fire is small, use a fire extinguisher that is designed for electrical fires. If the fire is too large to control, get out of the building and call 911.

What is a class e fire?

Well a class e fire would be an electrical fire, electrical fires are fires involving potentially energized electrical equipment in Australia. In the U.S. we categorize electrical fires class c.

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