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There are many reasons one might bleed behind the eye. First you might have Diabetic Retinopathy, which is a condition that interferes with the body's ability to use and store sugar. Over time, Diabetes may cause weakening of the small blood vessels found in the retina. These blood vessel changes are called Diabetic Retinopathy. Early stages of this cause Background Retinopathy,' causing small hemorrhages to form throughout the retina the more progressive this gets the more prone it is to bleed. sudden loss of vision.

You can also have what is called a Vitreous Hemorrhage, this is blood within the back cavity of the eye. THe only symptoms of this are visual. The vitreous cavity has no nerves and, therefore, cannot sense pain, and pressure, etc. The visual symptoms experienced by patients with vitreous hemmorhage vary from mild to severe. YOu might have floating black dots, ( like pepper grains), a red or dark strand, or cloud floating or stationary within the field of vision. A more severe hemmorhage might produce symptoms such as a large dark curtain blocking part of the vision or even whole vision. There are many causes of Vitreous Hemmorhage, The blood almost always originates from the vessels in the retina. Bleeding can occur as a complication of the vitreous gel peeling free away from the retina, a process called Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Sometimes bleeding originates from the abnormal new blood vessels growing on the retina ( because of poor circulation)This occurs as a complication of Diabetic Retinopathy and other disorders that reduce the circulation in the retina. Less common causes include, bleeding from an aneurysm, or macular degeneration.

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Q: What causes bleeding behind the eye?
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What causes Bleeding behind the eye in children?

they eyes have periods

What causes bleeding behind the eye My grandfather has this and apparently if he doesnt treat it it can cause cancer The treatment is 3000 per session up to 6 sessions?

im a diabetic have bleeding behind eye going to doctor next week what can be done

Can you fly if suffering bleeding behind the eye?

It is not recommended that you fly if you have bleeding behind the eyes or any other bleeding condition. The changes in air pressure could increase the bleeding.

Can bleeding behind the eye effect vision?

yes bleeding behind your eye can cause you to go blind if you have the blood draining for a long time. So if I were you I would get it checked with a doctor.

What happends when there is bleeding from the eye?

There can be many causes for someone bleeding from the eye. It can happen if something sharp cuts the eye. If this happens, one should consult a doctor.

Can childbirth cause bleeding behind the eye?

in rare cases it could yes. it usually causes little burst blood vessels in the skin from the straining though.

What causes bleeding in a dog's eye?

popped uvulas

Can dry eyes cause bleeding behind the eye?


What are treatments for bleeding behind the eye?

Simply eye drops, painkillers and sleeping upright and no sports.

What causes bleeding from eyes?

if you poke yourself in the eye to hard.

How do you care for bleeding behind the eye?

Are you diabetic? You need to see an Ophthalmologist.

How do you stop bleeding behind the eye?

By going to the doctor and getting it checked out

Why would you have bleeding behind your eye?

You can bang it, diabetes sign or glaucoma .

Was bleeding behind eye had laser surgery to remove blood vessels but think bleeding has come back?


What causes bleeding The blood is behind the eye what is the cause and what is the cure or remedy contact me at

Sorry I don't sign into anything on the internet. Hope i can find the answer some other place.

Can you stop the bleeding behind the eye will it result in blindness or is there hope?

If the bleeding behind the eye is macular degeneration there is hope! My mom is 92 and is currently undergoing treatment for this condition. There are injections that she receives...also taking MaxiVision vitamins has helped her tremendously.

What causes intermittent pressure or pulling sensation behind one eye?

One possible cause of intermittent pressure or pulling behind 1 eye is problems with the sinuses. Allergies can also cause pressure behind the eye.

What causes White of eye hemorrhage?

the eye dr said i have a superior hemorrage behind my left eye. What can this mean?

What is the treatment for bleeding behind the eye?

what is the cure for bleeding eyes i really want to help some people out please i need answer now please help me

What are the main causes of floaters in the eyes?

Eye floaters are caused by eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. They can also be caused by injuries to the eye, such as a detached retina. Eye floaters may be a sign that there is bleeding within the eye.

What causes a lump behind the eye?

There are many things that could cause a lump behind the eye such as cancer. Infection could also cause a lump.

You have not got diabetes but an eye specialist found bleeding behind the eye What might the cause be as he did not explain?

You had a vitreous hemorrhage. It happens to some aging eyes.

Can methilphenidate cause hemmorage in the eyes What other things could be the cause of bleeding behind my retina in both eyes?

Methylphenidate has not been known to cause a hemorrhage behind the eyes. Something that can cause bleeding behind the retina in both your eyes is diabetes or a stroke of the eye.

What causes sharp pain behind my right eye?

my grand daughter has a sevre pain at the backof her right eye

What would cause blindness from bleeding behind the eye?

There are many things that can cause someone to go blind. I'm completely blind in my eye. It could be because of a vessel behind the eye that popped. I'm not an eye doctor so I'm unsure about this one. Most common and most important cause is Diabetic Retinopathy. It occurs in long standing diabetics- controlled or uncontrolled. That is why diabetics are advised yearly retina check up. Eye complications of hypertension and severe eye injury are the other causes.

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What causes bleeding behind the eye My grandfather has this and apparently if he doesnt treat it it can cause cancer The treatment is 3000 per session up to 6 sessions?

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