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check for a short in the wiring behind the dash or somewhere in that circut I had the same problem with my camaro it turned out that over the years the harness had rubbed on the plate over the ashtray and worn through the insulation causing a short, it took many hours to find and I eventually took it in to get it looked at because I couldn't find it

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Q: What causes blinker lights to keep blowing a fuse in a 2002 Jeep Liberty?
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Blinker lights in a 84 celebrity How do i check the blinker lights and what fuse is it The blinker comes on but doesn't blink?

It has been my experience that when the blinker comes on but the lights don't blink there is one or more bulbs burned out. If that is not the case check the flasher.

What causes blinker lights to go solid and not blink on my vehicle?

The bulb may be blown or weak,also check the flasher.

Why do the blinker lights and brake lights work but tail lights don't work on 1987 ford ranger?

The tail lights are on a separate wiring than the blinker/brake lights. Look for a blown fuse or a broken/loose wire.

How do i get the fog lights to work if i replaced the blinker with the blinker and fog light combo and there is not a fuse for the fog lights on my 2006 grand prix?

cheack the wireing

What causes brake lights to flash when left blinker is turned on?

when you flip your blinker on, a relay in the circuit is activated which turns the light on and off. also, the front blinker and rear blinker usually alternate in turning off and on, so when the back is on, the front will be off, and reverse.. that's why when a bulb is out, the clicking sound in the vehicle goes faster than when both are in working order.

I have a 1998 contour my blinker lights and my emergency lights dont work what can be the problem?

Probably Flasher

Whats the color wires for the blinker an brake lights?

whats the color circuit for the blinkers an break lights?

Why do the trailer blinker lights both blink when tail lights are on blinkers do not work when tail lights are off?

Check for a bad ground

Where is the button to turn the lights off in a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

on blinker switch

How do you change the blinker lights on the front of a GMC Sonoma?

Take the whole lens out

What would cause your lights to flash on your 98 f150 when it is running?

emergency blinker

Where the hazard lights on a Harley?

Press both blinker directions at the same time.

Why 4x4 lights blink like a blinker?

When your 4X4 dash lights blink that is indicating a malfunction - could be just a sensor

How to fix a blinker that outside lights but does not blink while inside the blinker flasher works double time while the hazards blink normal?

change the bulb

Why don't the brake lights and blinker lights work on a 97 Chevrolet Lumina?

First check the fuse, or you may have a burnt out bulb

Why would the blinker reverse and rear lights on a 1992 Pontiac Transport SE keep blowing fuses?

perhaps trailer lights have been installed without feedback protector You probably have a short in the circuit, that is, a bare wiring is touching metal. Follow the wires and check to see if one is broken, stripped, or pinched.

Where do you add blinker fluid to a 1993 Ford Explorer?

Someone is pulling your leg. There is no such thing as blinker fluid! I like to dilute the blinker fluid 50/50 with water. It makes the fluid last longer and the lights flash much brighter....... :)

Brake lights out on 1997 Suburban fuse is good Tail lights turn signals and hazard lights work I checked the fuse its good?

check the brakelight switch. it is located under the dash where the brake pedal rests. Hey its ritchie. If you can click your blinker down and then they work its you blinker switch,but this is my monte.

Do you need a 5 wire harness to connect trailer lights to a previa?

Probably the functions, running lights, reverse, brake, blinker, and a ground.

Your blinker in your 2003 Chevy impala lights come on but are not blinking?

Most blinker circuits do not flash if one bulb is burned out. If the bulbs are all OK then the flasher is probably bad.

How do you fix brake lights on both sides When my blinker and everything else work?

Check the switch

Does the Statue of Liberty have lights?


How do you change the daytime running lights on a 99 firebird?

You have to undo a few bolts under the front scoop to access these, and they are a real pain in the butt. I had cracks in my blinkers lights so when it rained it would blow them out, so I replaced them with LED, not as bright but don't have to worry about them ever blowing out again, only problem was it then wouldn't blink because there was not enough current draw from the LED to make the thermal switch in the blinker relay activate, so, i spent $10 on an electronic relay from kragens that plugged into the same spot as my blinker relay, it works great --- to find where your blinker relay is simply turn on your blinker and go under your dash and find the one making the click click noise

What is the problem when the car has no blinker or hazard lights on a 1998 ford escort zx2?

A simple first step would be to check the fuses to these lights, then go from there.

What fuse protects interior lamps?

horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights. horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights. horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights.