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Causes can be fever, illness, infections and meducations

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Q: What causes cold sweating?
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What body system causes sweating?

The Excretory system is responsible for sweating.

Is it bad to run in the cold?

The reason why it is considered bad is because while you run, you get hot and sticky which causes you to sweat. And while your sweating the cold gets at it and you may become sick! Hope that helped! :)

Is the Mexican myth about getting sick from sweating in cold weather true?

yes, the Mexican myth about getting sick by sweating in cold weather is true!

Are there any heart drugs that causes sweating?

I am not aware of any heart medications that cause sweating.

How does evaporation causes cooling with examples?


Can you get sick when you go outside in the cold after sweating?


What causes major sweating on face and head?

Major sweating on the face and the head is caused by a lot of water in the body.

What causes sweating during day?

body heat.

What causes morning sweating?

blood pressure temperature

Is it cold in the stands at a hockey match?

no, your pretty much sweating

Why is sweating bad in cold weather?

sweating makes your clothing wet,, wet clothing becomes very cold once you stop exerting yourself and robs heat from your body much faster

Why does sweating help cool of the body when you over heat?

Weel the sweat eventualy evaporated taking heat with it that's why when working in a cold area very hard to the point of sweating is cold work

What causes chills followed by sweating?

it could be due to an infection...

WHAT Causes sweating on right side of head only?


Why do i stink when i am nervous?

Nervousness causes sweating which creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, which is what causes the odor.

Can you let the fan blows while sweating?

Yes, sweating is the way your body cools itself and using a fan will hurry the process, however when you get cold turn off the fan so that you do not get a cold because that's a common way the common cold is formed.

Fact about malaria?

It is a kind of DISEASE that causes, chills, fever, and sweating.

Why people smells garbage?

generally the smell is due to the sweating. But sweating does'nt directly smells, the bacteria developed in there causes it to smell like garbage

How the skin helps regulate body temperature?

By sweating when it is hot and shivering when it is cold.

What does it mean when you get cold chills when sweating?

it means either your changing phicsly or you have a fever

Why is your toilet leaking from under the tank?

If the rubber seal between the bowl and tank is fine, or the rubber washers holding the tank to the bowl is fine, the problem could be the tank is sweating. This is caused by the warmer ambient temperature on the outside of the tank compared to the cold water inside the tank. This causes sweating on the outside of the porcelain. A way to prevent it is to get a lined tank for the toilet. It has Styrofoam on the inside which will prevent the sweating on the outside.

Microbe causes cold sores?

The herpes virus causes cold sores.

What are some possible reasons why one might experience excessive facial sweating?

This excessive sweating is called hyperhydrosis and the causes of this may can be some medications and manly starts in the teenage years. But often there aren't any reasons for this sweating.

What skin ailment causes cold sores?

The herpes virus causes cold sores.

What causes cold sores on lips?

The herpes virus causes cold sores on the lips.