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Q: What causes color of chocolate milkshake to change from brown to green?
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What color does chocolate milkshake and red make?

It makes a really nice, warm bark brown.

What are all the poptart flavors?

Apple Cinnamon Apple Strudel Blueberry Brown Sugar Cinnamon Caramel Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cinnamon Roll Cookies and Creme Double Berry French Toast Hot Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae Mint Chocolate Chip Raspberry S'Mores Strawberry Strawberry Cheese Danish Strawberry Milkshake Wild Berry Orange Creme Vanilla Milkshake Chocolate Banana Split

What causes light brown skin patches that don't itch?

what causes light brown patches on the skin. eating too many chocolate based foods

What color is a chocolate lab?

a chocolate lab is brown. Because chocolate is brown!

How do you make coffee brown color?

you have to get milk and it should be milkshake or the

Is chocolate muffin brown?

Yes chocolate muffin is brown

Where can one find brown chocolate?

Brown chocolate can be found in recipes. Brown chocolate can be found in the movie Willy Wonka. Brown chocolate can be found in candy stores. Brown chocolate can be found in commercials for the Three Musketeers or M&Ms.

What color is chocolate?

Chocolate is a rich brown.

Is Miley Cyrus's hair color light brown dark brown medium brown or chocolate brown?

I think it's chocolate brown.

Why do the color change to red brown in the benedict's test?

The high presence of the common sugar glucose causes the color change from red to brown.

What causes the skin on your back to change from white to brown?

Get to a doctor. Possible causes range from sunburn to cancer.

Why does your white chocolate turn brown in microwave?

The brown color is a result of the chocolate burning.

Why is chocolate brown?

Chocolate isn't just brown, its also white and black. The colour depends on the coca beans! If they are white/black/brown the chocolate will be that colour.

What is a complimentary color to chocolate brown?

More chocolate brown. Colors shouldn't mix together. Especially white and brown.

Why is milk chocolate white or cream?

Milk chocolate is brown.

What is both brown and black?

Well, dark chocolate is dark brown and pretty dang close to black so it counts as black. Now, milk chocolate is brown. So chocolate is the answer.

Are chocolate diamonds brown in color?

Yes, every shade of brown that you can imagine is available in the different colours of brown diamonds, including chocolate.

Are ferrets chocolate brown in colour?

Yes you can get chocolate brown coloured ferrets, their markings are very similar to that of the polecat.

What colour is coffee ice cream?

Brown or chocolate brown

What is the difference between white chocolate and brown chocolate?

Brown chocolate is made from cocoa. White chocolate really isn't chocolate at all because it is made from sugar, but since there are no regulations in place to say what has to go into chocolate for it to have the name it is still called chocolate.

What color is the chocolate milk of the gods?

Chocolate milk is always brown.

What colour is a chocolate bar?

Depends on the type of chocolate. It can be brown or white.

What color is the chocolate?

brown and white

What color is chocolate cake?


What color is chocolate muffin?