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What causes cracks in a building What is the lasting solution to stop the cracks the cracks show on the beam and block wall?


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April 20, 2009 12:10PM

it depends really, every stuation is different. but the most likely thing is the sheer weight of the building itself causes the ground beneath it to give way. and slowly but surely the building sinks into the ground. some areas of the building sink faster than others, and when this happens it generates cracks in the morter joints and sometimes in the brick/block themselves. also possibly the building is reaching the end of it's life. steel is unique in the fact that is strong and resiliante for so many cycles of stress. kinda like chewing gum where you chew it for so long then all of a sudden it totally disolves all at once. not likely unless your building is 100 plus years. unless great weight is placed on the beamas in cycles like a wharehouse with forklift and trucks, then maybe. lasting solution, isn't really a solution at all. it's maintenence. like anything else make of manmade materials, it requires maintence.any clack exposed to the weather that you can stick a credit card in should have the joint ground out and be repointed. any cracks where the gap between block are over 1 inch should be ground out and packed with ns grout. steel should be painted and caulked to the block. the trick is to water tight the block from water that will enter th block and freeze thus destroying the block and the building's integrity. it's just all about maintenence. a little repair today is always cheaper than putting it off.