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In my oppinion it could be many different things but what stands out to me the most is this, My father works a night job. My father has been on his job for the last 17 years and he can't seem to get rid of the dark cicle around his eyes. What it comes down to is not getting enough sleepand just working hard Sinuses and/or Allergies could also be the culprit. Sometimes it just runs in the family. I've worded night shift for the past two monts and have found that eyes have become darker. I already had dark circles around my eyes for many years. I'm getting the proper amount of sleep but I think the irregular sleep paterns take there toll. i get plenty sleep, dont work a graveyard shift & i have no family history yet i still get circles dark circles so i dont know the deal

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Q: What causes dark rings under your eyes?
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What foods should you eat to help get rid of dark circles under eyes?

what causes dark circles under eyes?

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can show up under your eyes quickly due to a lack of REM sleep or sleep period. The lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under your eyes to burst which cause te darkness under your eyes.

Is dark rings under the eye caused by lack of iron?

People generally associate dark rings under eyes with lack of sleep... that's what my mum and friends say... if they are really dark, like black, you could see an optician. Hope this helps!

Can you freeze tea bags?

yes you can there usually freezed to put under your eyes for dark rings or bags under your eyess

What is the cause of bags under eyes?

Bags, or a dark tint, under the eyes is caused by natural aging. As one ages, the muscle and tissue under the eyes weakens, and causes a discoloration.

What animals have dark rings around their eyes?

Many animals can have a set of dark rings around their eyes. The most famous of these animals include the panda and the raccoon.

How can you reduce dark rings under your eyes?

i dont know but i just wear make-up to cover it heheheh

Dark circles under eyes?

In some rare cases, lack of vitamins, lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep and age makes dark circles worsen, No matter what are the causes your dark circles under eyes, under eye treatment reviews site can help get rid of for you.

What is the most common colours for circles under the eyes?

Periorbital dark circles also known as dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. There are many causes of this symptom, including heredity and bruising. Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circle.

What does the brain teaser iii over OOO mean?

circles under the eyes

Why do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes can indicate either allergies or lack of sleep, some people get dark circles under their eyes as they age due to the skin under the eyes becoming thinner as you age.

Does a bad tooth cause dark rings around eyes?


What is warning signs of low iron?

tired with dark rings under your eyes not enough energy sometimes and if think you are low in iron have a blood test

Is Matthew Gray Gubler a diabetic?

No he's not, the only condition he's ever released is his dark eye syndrome which causes dark bags under his eyes.

Can plastic surgery help with dark under eye circles?

Cosmetic surgons offer both surgical and non surgical remedies for darkened eyes. However these have different causes and you should first consult a dermatologist who can advise you on why you have dark circles under your eyes and how to fix them.

What colour eyes do pandas have?

pandas have black rings around their eyes and their eyes are a very very dark brown

What causes dark circles under the eye?

There are many things that can cause a person to have dark circles under their eyes. Some of these things include seasonal allergies, a cold, sinus infection, and simply being tired.

How do you get dark circles under your eyes?

There are a variety of factors that might induce dark circles. Lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits, allergies, such as hay fever, hyperpigmentation, lower amounts of fatty tissue around the eyes, thinning skin beneath the eyes, and anaemia from iron shortage are just a few of the causes. To know more you can visit Skin And Shape Clinic which will reduce your dark circle under the eyes.

What causes bags under the eyes?

Lack of sleep causes bags under the eyes.

What causes dark bags under eyes?

well, there are capillaries in our eyes nor blood vessels and if over use nor lack of sleep or over stress therell be a pressure in the eye it could lead to dark bags under the eyes,as well as paleness of the eyes,also lack of nutrition... so sleep 6 to 8hrs everyday.. dont be stress out... be healthy aryt!

What fruit or vegetable helps to lighten dark circles under eyes?

Try to apply cucumber. Apply cucumber slices or cucumber water on the skin around your eyes for about 15 minutes to make them look clear and refreshed. A cold compress of rosemary tea can help boost circulation and reduce swelling under your eyes. Acupressure and breathing exercises can also help get rid of the dark rings.

How can you get rid of your dark circles?

Dark circles under your eyes? Drink less coffee, coffee has ingredients that could do that, or coffee masks fatigue (which is what most commonly causes the darker appearance of the skin).

What does iii over ooo brain teaser mean?

Circle under your eyes

What are many adaptations raccoons have to survive?

One that is quite prominent is the dark rings around their eyes; it is used for camouflage and to focus light into their eyes so they can see in the dark better.

Dark circles under infants eyes?

The main cause of dark circles under an infants eyes is fatigue. It could also be just because the skin under their eyes is more transparent than the rest of the skin on their face.