What causes different climate?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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the moon changing toward the earth at different faces of the moons and different time and years.

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Q: What causes different climate?
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How is the climate near the equator different from the climate near the poles what causes the difference?


What causes purple pearls?

different climate changes in the water

What causes long term change in climate?

In the longest term changes in climate are caused by changes in the sun's output. Over shorter terms there are many different causes.

Different climates which dominate each region in Asia?

what is something that causes the regions of asia to have different climate

What causes the exhaust system to of a Daewoo Lanos to over heat?

it was designed with a different climate in thought

How does the green hose and the ozone layer effect climate change?

Ozone depletion causes global warming. It then causes climate change.

Which climate causes the most rapid mechanical weathering?

Usually a cold climate is.

What scientist studies changes in climate?

Climatologists study the climate, its causes and changes.

What are petroleum's dowfalls?

it causes climate to change

What causes large groups of people to migrate?

large groups of people migrate becuse they want to explore different area or the climate of ones area

What causes variations in climate and vegetation in most of the US and canada?

Because of the kind of weather in the Middle of the USA. It makes the wild life more different. This makes the weather different within the USA!

What are 2 causes of climate change?

cars and factories