What causes excruciating abdominal pain and lower back pain?

Many reasons exist for the sxcruciating abdominal pain and low back pain. They vary from simple to extreme with intensity. The underlying reason I believe is Intestinal obstruction or inflamation. A large percentage of abdominal/low back pain is a result from improper food consumption, organ fatigue, or organ toxicity. The pain is either due to gas, fecal mater restriction (constipation), or low water intake. Other causes would include irritated lining, nodules, or irregular cell function. And probably more common would result from bacterial or parasite presence. Ruling out greater illness such as cancers and ulcers have high importance.

When the low back pain is included that would signafy constipation of impacted matter as the result of poor food choices, low water intake, or simply a vetebral subluxation, or physical compensation.