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Most likely a loose belt. Very coomon.

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Q: What causes high pitch whining in the front end of a car only when the weather is cold?
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What causes a sound in front of a moving sound source to seem to have a higher pitch and frequency?

Doppler effect

Why does an Acura make a high pitch whinning noise?

There could be many reasons why the Acura makes a high pitch whining noise. It could be that the brakes or the rotors are going out.

What is back pitch and front pitch?


What would cause a high pitch whine in a Dodge Dakota only when the weather is cold?

A high-pitched whine in a Dodge Dakota only when the weather is cold might be a normal thing. When the weather gets cold, the belts, starter and alternator need time to warm up. Try a little drop of dish soap on the fan belt to see if this helps quiet the whining.

Is hot weather for violin bad?

No, cold weather is bad. It can change the pitch of the strings.

What is the whining sound coming from the front of the car that is not always there but if it is when you press on the gas it becomes a higher pitch?

Probably a loose belt. If it makes the sound while turning it is the power steering belt. If it is constant until the engine heats up it is either a serpentine belt or alternator belt.

Why is 1999 Chrysler cirrus whining while driving?

For me it was the idler pully. A pretty cheap part. $15 I think. And only an hour or so to change. The problem was the bearing in it was shot. It would make a whining sound that got louder/higher pitch as the engine revved higher.

What causes sound to have a loud pitch?

The Frequency

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The Doppler effect causes a apparent change in?


What causes pitch to vary?

i think it just vibrates

What causes pitch vary?

i think it just vibrates

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