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What causes homosexuality?

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Human sexuality may be determined pre-birth by a variety of things, it could be a matter of cultural experiences, rebellion, sexual experimentation, or simply choice. The most likely answer to the question is that genetic, cultural, and environmental factors all play a part in the development of human sexuality and sexual expression.

One theory is that birth order and a mother's immune system play a major role in homosexuality. When a woman is pregnant, her body sees the fetus as a foreign object during certain points during pregnancy. As a result, her body produces a variety of hormones that are targeted at the fetus. These hormones can effect the developing brain, causing it to either become more feminine or masculine. This plays into birth order, as with each child the woman's body becomes more prepared for the "foreign object" and is more prepared to fight it, causing the chance of homosexuality to increase with each child born.

Genes may play a role in it, though the degree is unknown. Studies in the 80's and 90's on identical twins showed that if one twin was homosexual, then the odds of the other being homosexual were above 70%, which is much higher than the probability of two non-twins being homosexuals. Some argue that there is no "gay gene." However, it is possible that a lack of research is why no gay gene has been found. Since it took them 30 years to map out the human genome. While the genome has been mapped, genetic science has yet to identify what these genes do. It is not surprising that a "gay gene" has not been found.

Several other elements may play a part, many of which are still unknown. The lines are drawn, and both sides battle.

Some believe that culture and morals also play a part. For example, the percentage of homosexuals who openly admit publicly in America is much greater than in other countries where culture and social acceptance may be more strict, and where laws that promote the execution, public exiling, and "reformative therapy" of homosexuals.

What is clear is that the source of homosexuality is hotly debated. The source itself is still largely unknown, and far from being proven by any side of the debate.

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Most people believe you are born gay. However, if there were other causes, here are the common ones given, despite the lack of scientific proof:

1. Disturbed family dynamics. Having an aggressive, abusive mother and a passive, distant, or abusive father can distort a young child's sexuality, sense of power, and feeling about themselves.

2. Divorce. Gayness seems to be more common in families where there is divorce or divorce and remarriage. This can set up a pattern of rebellion in children, and if it cannot cause gayness, it may at least affect the type of gayness. For instance, let's say you have 2 sons in such a home, and let's suppose both end up to be gay. One may subconsciously side with the mother in their rebellion, feel hated by the father, and be effeminately gay. The other acts more like the father and feel hated by the mother. He harasses his brother, beats people up, and to others, cannot be gay. But repression makes things stronger, and as work and stress takes over, he may break and finally come out as gay too. And the effeminate gay guy might also have a break later in life and become a macho guy, but still gay.

3. Sexual assault. Forced sex at an early age can at the least cause guilt, emotional turmoil, confusion, and vulnerability to further attacks. Sometimes, when an older child or teen is molested, it may indicate that it happened before. Otherwise, it might not have happened the second time, assuming they were old enough and able to resist. After enough times, the child may assume they were meant to be gay. A growing psyche will often warp around unnatural events as a defense mechanism.

4. Just being different. That does not mean you are gay, but if you are quite different, you will be accused of being gay when you are not and bashed for it. For some, that is enough pressure to drive them to a psychological break and they may take on a gay identity to shield themselves from the pain. Then they try the sex, like it, and assume they were always gay.

5. Immune system hypothesis. That often happens with the 3rd male child. The mother supposedly creates antibodies that attacks the fetus's brain in the areas related to masculinity. Or it could be an autoimmune issue in the fetus. This probably doesn't fit all gay folks, since this could adversely affect intelligence. This may have happened in Biblical history within Noah's family and what Ham did. Nobody knows exactly what Ham did or what the curse on Canaan was, but Canaan was an ancestor of the founders of Sodom and Gomorrah.

6. The "rebellion" gene. This is not a complete "cause" for gayness, but it would certainly make it easier to be gay. Researches probably thought this was the gay gene because maybe it helps to reduce gay suicides. But scientists noticed that not all gay folks had the gene and that some heterosexuals might have had it too, but a common pattern they saw was that people with the gene were more likely to have piercings, elective scars, and tattoos. Apparently, they just don't care what others think, so maybe the gene doesn't cause gayness, but makes it easier to be gay.

7. The proposed 'increased attraction for males" gene. It has an evolutionary advantage, since it would cause women with it to be more likely to get pregnant. The bottleneck to reproduction is women, so the more women that are willing to breed, the more babies there will be. If that costs a few men to homosexuality, no problem, since even one man can get hundreds of women pregnant in a short period of time. This gene might have been around in Biblical times too, since there are verses that mention this. "Let not your daughters become prostitutes nor your sons homosexuals." It is interesting they would be lumped into the same category. This proposed gene allegedly increases attraction to men in both genders.

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