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What causes javascript errors?


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February 23, 2008 2:16AM

There are several possible causes for JavaScript errors in web pages: * There can be an actual error in the code * Temporary issue on the server may cause incomplete code to be served to your browser * Network issues or other reasons may prevent the page from being fully downloaded * Your browser may be using an outdated version of one or more JavaScript, HTML, or CSS files from its cache In many cases it is enough to reload the page in question for the error to go away. If that does not help, try clearing your browser's cache or doing a full reload to bypass the cache. To do a full reload, hold the SHIFT key (in Firefox) or the CTRL key (in IE) and click the reload icon. If none of the above helps, try using a different browser. Many JavaScript features work different in different browsers, and developers sometimes have a hard time making them work correctly everywhere.