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This depends on where the individual is located. Most nursing schools offer LPN classes. If local schools are unavailable, then try checking online for LPN classes.

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What causes you to get lung cancer?

Lung cells becoming cancerous, Smoking can increase your risk of lung cancer

What is the common cancer tobacco causes?

Lung cancer and mouth cancer.

How does lung disease affect the human body?

Lung cancer affects the body by causing severe breathing problem that may lead to bad pain or even death. It may also spread to other organs in the body and infect them to. The cancer is basically a tumor that forms in or on the lung which is what causes the pain and coughing.

Does smoking cause joint pain?

No. Smoking causes lung cancer , Skin Disease, and teeth to rot, but there is no sign of it being able to cause joint pain.

Is uranium a cause of lung cancer?

Yes, uranium powders and aerosols are possible causes of lung cancer.

What are the Cancers that smoking causes?

Lung cancer and mouth cancer, definitely.

What is causes death among smokers?

Lung Disease Lung Cancer and, COPD

If you have lung cancer does morphine help?

Not for the cancer as such, but it may help with pain and to reduce coughing.

What are the common symptoms and causes of lung cancer?

Common symptoms of lung cancer include chest pain, coughs that never end, coughing up blood, fatigue, weight loss, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Common causes include smoking, asbestos, air pollution, and radon.

What might cause lung cancer?

Some causes of lung cancer are smoking, or inhaling harmful chemicals such as radon or asbestos.

What is the connection between asbestos and lung cancer?

Asbestos has been known for years to be one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

Can lung cancer be detected early?

Lung cancer can be found early but it is usually quite advanced before it causes symptoms.

What does tar cause?

Tar Causes Lung Cancer.

How many Percent of lung cancer in the US is caused by tobacco use?

Smoking causes 90% of lung cancer in men and 80% lung cancer cases seen in women in U.S.

What's the symptoms of lung cancer?

Some of the symptoms of lung cancer are being short of breath when doing something, having a persistent cough that you can not get rid of, chest pain, or back pain.

How does lung cancer affect muscles?

because if you have lung cancer your muscles can break down and not be able to work anymore for example they say if you smoke it can kill you because it causes lung cancer and you can die from it

What commonly causes fluid on the right lung?

had pain in right lung,had xray and anti biotics amoxicillan,pain gone but lung feels slightly gravely

How is Will Smith's Health?

In pain; suffering from lung cancer, otherwise fine

What causes a lung nodule?

It can be an infection, a harmless scar or cancer.

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