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getting kicked there

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Q: What causes pain in testicles during puberty?
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Is it usual for a boys scrotum to hurt during puberty?

Scrotal pain may be experienced by some boys, and is a rather common "growing pain". During puberty, the scrotum skin changes. It enlarges, and the testicles grow in size considerably, therefore it can cause pain. However, any unbearable pain or discomfort should be examined by a doctor.

Do the breasts pain in boys during puberty?

They can become sore and painful during puberty. If they are troubling you then seek medical advice from your Doctor.

What causes sharp pain to the left side and lower back and radiates to the testicles?

appendix or kidney infection.

What causes left side abdominal pain and pain during urination?

what causes left side abdominal pain and pain when urination

What causes groin pain in women?

mostly during the menstruation cycle causes the most pain

Can two year old boys testicles hurt while they grow?

The testicles of a 2 year old should not be painful. A boy's testicles are not supposed to start growing until they begin puberty around the age of 10. If they are, you should make an appointment with the child's pediatrician to see what may be going on. There are a few infections that cause an increase in testicle size which causes pain, and they need to be ruled out, or treated.

What do you feel during puberty?

your chest starts hurting a lot!! you get back pain, bloating. always tell an adult (someone you can trust) about going through puberty

You have sharp pain in your testicles when you cough and move around?

it is possible to be cancer if the pain continues

Do boys get stomach pain during puberty?

i don't think they should but if it gets severe tell you parents or a doctor about it

If there is any pain during attaining male puberty?

Yes normal body aches and pains other than that no

Do you feel pain during puberty?

god yeh girls; period pains bad stomach boys; irrections

What causes lower abdomen pain during urination?

lower adominal pain cause by yeast infection

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