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Well, your ovary still runs its cycle even though the uterus has been removed. Each month, a normal ovary creates a cyst and then the prostoglandans kick in and the cyst goes back down. If the pain is intermittent, then that is probably is what is going on, but definitely mention it to your doctor at the next go around. However, if your hysterectomy was because of endometriosis, you may want to check in with your doctor to verify that all is well.

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What if a ovary taken out is this considered a partial hysterectomy?

The removal of an ovary via surgery is called an oopherectomy, an hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus.

What causes pain in the ovary area?

compression and enlarging the uters

What causes pain in the lower abdomen or ovary area?

your period cramps

Does Spay mean hysterectomy?

Yes and ovary removal.

Why are you having pain in the only ovary left after a hysterectomy five years ago?

You do not state whether you have had pain since the hysterectomy or if this is a recent occurrence or if you are pre,peri or post menopausal. The best advice is to see your doctor immediately and ask him to have a scan done and biopsy if required as there could be many reasons for this and it may not even be the ovary. This could range from a simple cyst to ovarian cancer.

What is exactly a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which the uterus is removed. It can sometimes involve the removal of the ovaries, or just one ovary. Sometimes part of one ovary is left for hormonal balance.

Can your eggs be removed after a partial hysterectomy?

If a female still has an ovary after a partial hysterectomy , then it should be possible to harvest eggs

Can you have pain in the ovary after you have had your tubes tied?

can you have pain in the ovary after you have had your tubes tied

What causes pain in incisions after lap hysterectomy?

As your are healing your body is creating scar tissue around your incision which is causing you pain however it will be painfree when it is healed.

Can you get pregnant when you had a hysterectomy if you only have a ovary?

No. There is no uterus and therefore no where for the baby to grow.

What is removed during a hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy = uterus. Total hysterectomy = uterus and cervix. Salpingo = fallopian tube. oopherectomy = ovary. Therefore just a hysterectomy would be removal of uterus alone and a Total hysterectomy with salpingo oopherectomy (bilateral) is everything.

What is the medical term meaning pain the ovary?

Oophoralgia is the medical term meaning pain in an ovary. Pain in the ovary region at the time of ovulation is known as mittelshmerz.

If you do not have a cervix how does the vagina close after hysterectomy?

from what i understand the end is sewed during surgery. i had a total hysterectomy with the removal of my left ovary and tube.

Is right ovary pain after intercourse related to pregnancy?

You can not know that there is a pain in ovary. You need a cheque up by gynecologist for this pain.

What is the cause of left ovary pain?

According to medical studies, one of the major causes that has been found out for left ovary pain is cysts formation in the left ovary. Studies showed that a percentage of 95 ovarian cysts are benign, which means patients need not worry at an early stage. But if the pain gets bad and intolerable and patients feel pain often, this can indicate the cysts are malignant. Apart from this, there are some causes which are rare such as the patients may experience left ovarian pain due to hemorrhage in left ovary. This can be mainly caused by egg donation or previous surgeries. Hope this helps.

If you had a hysterectomy and have one ovary and your husband had a vasectomy do you have viable eggs in that one ovary and does your husband still have viable sperm that can be extracted to be put in?


Had partial hysterectomy but want a baby?

If you still have an ovary it could be possible. Talk to your doctor.

Open surgery for hysterectomy and ovary removal?

With no ovaries or uterus, you definitely won't get pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant with one ovary after a hysterectomy and having an opening and yes the ovary still produces eggs?

No. During a hysterectomy your uterus is removed and, even if the ovaries do remain, there is no longer a way for sperm and the egg to come into contact with each other.

What causes round ligament pain if you are not pregnant?

I think I am having round ligament pain on my left side and I am not pregnant. Is this possible? My doctor noticed a cyst on my ovary on the left side.

Would you have any fertile eggs in one remaining ovary after a hysterectomy?

Yes as both ovaries work independently so the remaining ovary will keep producing. If you have had a hysterectomy as well then you will have no uterus so cannot get pregnant but if not there is no reason why you should not carry a baby to full term.

Lying down causes pain in lower right abdominal?

If lying down causes you pain over your lower right abdominal area, you may have something wrong with your appendix. This could also mean there is a problem with an ovary, if you are a woman.

What causes pain in both sides of the body after hysterectomy?

Pain in both sides of the body after having a hysterectomy is because of the incisions made during the surgery. The nerve endings will be sore and painful for a while, because they take time to grow back together. The pain itself should only last a few weeks, but the tenderness can last for a few months.

What is the medical term meaning pain in the ovary?

Oophoralgia is ovarian pain.

What will one ovary do after a full hysterectomy?

If you mean by full hysterectomy a total hysterectomy i.e. removal of the uterus and cervix then one ovary will produce the necessary hormones that two ovaries would. You will go into menopause at the time you normally would (average 51.7 yrs). Only if both ovaries are removed will you go into immediate menopause. There is some anecdotal evidence that having a hysterectomy may bring on an earlier menopause than would have occurred without.

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