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What causes pressure in the forehead and nose and dizziness?

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Sinus congestion ( Rhinosinusitus ) or upper respiratory infection. Your sinuses are filled with mucus causing pressure and it is into your Eustation tubes and inner ear so it is affecting your balance. ( Pressure in the inner ear can rupture the eardrum.) See a Physician for decongestants and antibiotics, keeping an infection too long can affect long term hearing once it has entered the passages of the ear.

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What causes pressure in the forehead area?

Sinusitis. If you're with a bad head ache and your nose is running, it's probably sinusitis. :)

Where is the forehead in relation to the nose?

Directly above it.

What can the high blood pressure do to a person?

cause dizziness, headaches, nose bleeds, and can lead to a stroke.

What does metoporrhinous mean?

Metoporrhinous means having forehead nose (nose between the eyebrows on the forehead).

What causes nose bleeding in high mountain region?

the change in pressure and dry air

You blew your nose your ear blocked up and you had a bad dizzy spell?

That can happen anytime that you blow your nose too hard, it is a normal response for the ear, because the air pressure inside the ear changes when you blow your nose, especially if you hold your nose closed or if you are congested, and that change in air pressure can cause dizziness. If it becomes frequent, see a doctor.

Is nose wax reusable?

Only if your mouth is on your forehead.

How is a nose job done?

some of your skin on your forehead and is cut open and is shaped in to a nose and is added on to the nose part .x

What is area between forehead and nose called?


Where is the most likely place for acne on your face?

Nose, then forehead

What causes a painful nose?

Usually it is sinus pressure. Another cause could be as simple as a cut in your nose or something stuck in your sinus or nasal cavity.

Can a hit to the forehead cause your nose to bleed two days later?

Not sure but my daughter fell last night and her forehead has been hitted to make her nose to bleed but not after 2 days after the fall.

What is the name of a small white mark on a horses nose?

That's probably a snip. If it is on their forehead, then it is a star. Nose, snip.

Can a sinus infection cause a sore temple?

This is possible although not usual. The sinuses are located along the cheek bone, the forehead and the sides of the nose. Enough pressure in the sinuses could cause pressure that the brain then misinterprets as a sore temple.

What causes a stuffy nose?

The mocus inside your nose fill up your nose cells which causes them to not work.

Nose bleeds durning pregnancy?

Nose bleeds can either be through picking your nose, or through high blood pressure etc. I suggest you see your doctor as you could have a condition called hypertension, which can be dangerous in pregnancy. If you get headaches and dizziness you should consult a doctor sooner rather than later.

What are the side effects of exforge?

Exforge is a type of drug that is used to treat high blood pressure. A few side effects include sneezing, sore throat, stuffing nose and dizziness.

What could cause some dizziness at times with tingling in nose?

A punch in the face.

Does weight loss nose bleeds and dizziness indicate cancer?

This question can only be answered through a thorough medical exam. Weight loss, nose bleeds and dizziness can be linked to a large number of ailments or environmental factors.

What were the facial features of Homo erectus?

they had a flat forehead and a flat nose :P

Is it normal for eyes and nose to swell after a forehead bump that is getting better?

It is not normal for eyes and nose to swell after a forehead bump that is healing. Consult a physician to see whether the swelling is because of the injury or due to another cause.

What are the main areas of the head and how do you find them?

The main areas of the head are skull. forehead, ears, nose and back of the head. Run your hands over the skull, beginning from the forehead to the back of the head. Check nose and ears too.

What causes nose to bleed when you lean over?

Increased pressure against nasal cavity capillaries causing them to burst open.

Is sinus pressure bad for you and how can you find out if you have it?

talk to your doctor about this. it usually is in the sinus cavity beside your nose on either side & also your forehead. go to a the site or another medical website you are familiar with

Does blood pressure increase with enlarging nose bone?

Blood pressure has nothing to do with the size of your nose.