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Sinus congestion ( Rhinosinusitus ) or upper respiratory infection. Your sinuses are filled with mucus causing pressure and it is into your Eustation tubes and inner ear so it is affecting your balance. ( Pressure in the inner ear can rupture the eardrum.) See a Physician for decongestants and antibiotics, keeping an infection too long can affect long term hearing once it has entered the passages of the ear.

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Q: What causes pressure in the forehead and nose and dizziness?
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What causes pressure in the forehead area?

Sinusitis. If you're with a bad head ache and your nose is running, it's probably sinusitis. :)

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Directly above it.

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What causes nose bleeding in high mountain region?

the change in pressure and dry air

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Only if your mouth is on your forehead.

You blew your nose your ear blocked up and you had a bad dizzy spell?

That can happen anytime that you blow your nose too hard, it is a normal response for the ear, because the air pressure inside the ear changes when you blow your nose, especially if you hold your nose closed or if you are congested, and that change in air pressure can cause dizziness. If it becomes frequent, see a doctor.

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What is area between forehead and nose called?


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What causes sinus pressure to build up?

Sinus pressure builds up from accumulated mucus that irritates the inside of the nose and causes sinus pressure. From there you have a full blown cold and can break down the mucus with medication.

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