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a hole in the radiator

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Q: What causes radiator leaks?
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What happens when Transmission fluid leaks into the radiator?

You replace the radiator

91 accord leaks two streams of coolant from radiator when warmed up?

You need to fix these leaks or replace the radiator

How can i stop radiator coolant leaks?

If the hoses are all tight, Then the radiator must be leaking. REPLACE RADIATOR

What happens if radiator hoses burst?

The coolant leaks out.

Does black pepper stop radiator leaks?

Effectually, no.

Why is the radiator empty and car over heating and blowing cold air?

Over-obvious answer? Your radiator, or one of your radiator hoses, leaks - badly.

Is antifreeze the same colour when it leaks out of radiator?

Same color as what?

What is happening when green fluid leaks from the from of a 1998 Acura 2.5 TL?

Probably a radiator leak or a split radiator hose.Check coolant levels in the radiator.

What to do when radiator fluid leaks out in 1985 Toyota corolla?

repair the leak

Infiniti i30 runs hot with ac on?

check radiator for leaks

Antifreeze leaks out when you pour into radiator?

Find where it is running out and repair the cause.

Dodge stealth leaks water but not from radiator?

check your water pump

Why does radiator leaks transmission fluid?

Some have an internal transmission cooler & extra small internal radiator for that purpose.

What is the cause of overheating if there are no leaks in the radiator no leaks in the hoses but the coolant spews up from the tank where the coolant is poured into?

Probably the thermostat is sticking.

What causes oil in radiator on 1997 7.3?

Usually you get oil in your radiator when you blow a head gasket and oil leaks into your radiator. Blown intake gasket is also possible, as well as a hole in the engine's water jacket (very uncommon). Also, if the vehicle's transmission cooler coil is internal to the radiator, a leak from it may be possible (most tranny coolers are external for this reason).

Is chlorofluorocarbon leaks it can enter?

CFC leaks into the ozone. This leak causes UV to enter.

What causes a 2000 Nissan Quest to over heat?

Causes of over heating: insufficient coolant; antifreeze/water mixture not correct; thermostat stuck in closed position; faulty water pump; clogged/dirty radiator; leaks in the system.

What causes a cracked cylinder head?

Mostly caused by the engine over heating, however the signs are similar to a bad gasket and water dries up in the radiator without any visible leaks.

Can a stuck thermostat cause water leaks in radiator?

No. The only times the radiator would leak is if it was damaged, defective, or corroded.

What is the best aluminum radiator brand?

When considerig a radiator it is a good idea to go with the manufacturers brand. Aftermarket products are prone to leaks and failure.

How can you tell if your radiator is good?

If you can't find any leaks and you have it flow tested, you will know.

Why radiator water is half full?

Fill Radiator. Start Vehicle Check For Leaks, Find Area Of Leak If Any. Resumbit With More Information. Or Have Radiator Shop Do A Pressure Test On The System .

What could be wrong if your car is overheating you have already checked water pump and thermostat and there are no leaks anywhere?

The radiator may be plugged. Take it to a radiator shop.

How do you tell if you have a busted radiator on 1996 Ford Taurus?

The radiator will leak, Its function is to hold water in a way as to cool it for the engine. So if it leaks, its busted.

What causes oil and water mix in the radiator?

Blown Head Gasket