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repair the leak

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Q: What to do when radiator fluid leaks out in 1985 Toyota corolla?
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What happens when Transmission fluid leaks into the radiator?

You replace the radiator

Why does radiator leaks transmission fluid?

Some have an internal transmission cooler & extra small internal radiator for that purpose.

What is happening when green fluid leaks from the from of a 1998 Acura 2.5 TL?

Probably a radiator leak or a split radiator hose.Check coolant levels in the radiator.

What causes radiator leaks?

a hole in the radiator

Why Uses tranny fluid but no leaks?

there could possibly be an internal leak in the radiator if the lines from the trans are going to the radiator pull the rad cap and check the coolant and also fluid also burns up and sludges up

Toyota Tercel is running a bit hot is this all right?

First of all, check the thermostat, the radiator fan, radiator hoses, water pump, radiator leaks. P.s. If you install a radiator fan universal and it don't place really close to the radiator, you can have that problem

96 Toyota t100 overheats then radiator leaks?

Be care-full my radiator blew up and burnt me. I replaced Radiator, thermostat, and water pump. Timing belt is in the way so I replaced it too. OK Now

On a 1995 Chevy Cavalier what is a warning light that comes on and off which has an arrow pointing down over some water or fluid level?

It is the radiator warning light. Usually it indicates low radiator fluid level. I have had this come on when I have had some minor radiator leaks leading to radiator coolant level going down.

What is the proper way to change the radiator fluid on a 1997 Pontiac Grand am?

First You Would find the drain plug on the left or right of the bottom of the radiator,locate the plug screw the plug out let the fluid drain put the plug back,go to a local parts store get 1 gal. of antifreeze pour that in first, then fill the rest of the radiator with water/check for leaks,no leaks your set for life.

You have a 1998 Toyota corolla that is losing freon and you and you can't find the leak?

Take your vehicle to a service center. They can run a dye through your A/C system to locate any leaks you have.

How do i fix my Geo Metro automatic slipping?

Check your transmission fluid levels. Look around for'll see a reddish fluid around the drive axle on your transmission or around the radiator.

How can i stop radiator coolant leaks?

If the hoses are all tight, Then the radiator must be leaking. REPLACE RADIATOR

91 accord leaks two streams of coolant from radiator when warmed up?

You need to fix these leaks or replace the radiator

What would cause the temperature gauge on a 1992 Toyota Paseo to read only half way when the car is being driven and how do you fix it?

Several solutions: Change the thermostat (could be sticking shut).....backflush your radiator....could be dirty and clogged, replace radiator hoses, check for pin hole leaks in your radiator. Is the fluid level staying normal or are you constantly adding anti-freeze? Halfway on the scale is normal.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1998 BMW 740i?

This is a sealed transmission. It does not have a dip stick. Read the manual. sometimes that sealed transmission leaks by way of the radiator

What is the name of the liquid that leaks out of the capillaries?

Tissue fluid or interstitial fluid, though blood leaks out as well x

Why is your Toyota Corolla idling high?

replace the air idle control sensor on the throttle body ********* also check for vacuum leaks, hoses fallen off or deterioriated, or intake manifold gasket

What is a heat core and could that cause my 96 Grand Prix SE to leak radiator fluid?

The heater core is a radiator in the car, warmed with coolant from the engine. When you put the Air-con on hot, and turn the fan on, the air is blown over it to warm the air (and you in the car) up. As it contains radiator fluid, it can cause the level to drop if it leaks. Check the carpets in the car to see if they are wet with radiator fluid, or to see if the car leaves a puddle of fluid coming out of the air con condensation drain.

What happens if radiator hoses burst?

The coolant leaks out.

Does black pepper stop radiator leaks?

Effectually, no.

What fluid leaks out of capillaries?


What if coolant leaks when car is parked and radiator still has fluid where and why would it be leaking also what if you can smell it through the car while driving with out heat or AC on?

I would check the radiator coolant bottle for cracks and inspect any hoses to bottle.

How can you loose antifreeze when you have no gasket leaks?

you can be loosing fluid through hoses, Raidator core or your heater core. check for fluid on ground if so look under hood at your radiator, radiator hoses and waterpump. also check passengerside floor of car if it is wet you need to replace your heater core. good luck

Is there a clutch fluid sealant for clutch fluid leaks?

No. Replacement is necessary.

Is antifreeze the same colour when it leaks out of radiator?

Same color as what?