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If by scrub you mean drag or cease, then it is possible that the calipers need to be replaced.

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Q: What causes rear brakes to scrub on a 1997 crown vic?
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How do you change the rear brakes on a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

There are a detailed set of instructions (with pictures) at the link below...

What causes front brakes on 1997 Ford F150 not to release after applying?

Contaminated fluid? Frozen calipers?

What causes the brakes to suddenly lock up on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

May be the proportioning valve by the master cylinder

How do you adjust rear brakes on a 1997 mercury tracer?

how to adjust rear brakes on 1997 tracer merc.

Change rear brakes on 1997 Sunfire?

I need help on fixing my back brakes on my 1997 sunfire

What are possible causes for a 1997 Pontiac boneville to squeal or chirp besides the brakes?

A slipping belt or some kind of air flow problem..

How do you adjust rear brakes on 1997 silverado?

The 1997 Chevrolet Silverado rear brakes should automatically adjust themselves. Every time you back the vehicle up and hit the brakes the brakes adjust.

Adjustment of rear brakes on 1997 Saturn sl2?

Your 1997 Saturn rear brakes are equipped with adjustment screws. Turning the adjustment screw will adjust the brakes. The brakes should adjust themselves automatically every time you back up and hit the brakes.

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Can you change a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rear drum brakes for disc brakes?

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Will a 1997 Dodge Ram pickup rear end fit a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500?

No. The 1997 has drum brakes and the 2003 has disc brakes.

Will a 1997 crown vic motor go in a 1993?

A 1997 Crown Vic motor will fit a 1993 Crown Vic, both cars came with the exact same engine from the factory.

Will the motor from a 1997 Crown Victoria fit a 2003 Crown Victoria?


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Will the engine out of a 1992 Crown Victoria work in a 1997 Crown Victoria?

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Have no brakes on back of 1997 dodge 1500 changed everything and still no brakes?

If the brakes are not working on the back of a 1997 Dodge 1500 after changing the brake pads, try bleeding the brakes. The fault may also be with the master cylinder under the hood. Check to make sure all brake lines are connected.

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

Release parking brake. Place transmission in Reverse. Apply brakes very firmly at about 5 mph. Repeat 10 times. That will automatically adjust the parking brake shoes.

What weight oil do you suggest for a 1997 Ford crown Victoria 8 cylinder?

The 1997 Ford Crown Victoria owners manual shows ( 5 w 30 )

Can a transmission from a 2003 Crown Victoria go into a 1997 Crown Victoria police interceptor?

No, I doesnt fit. Check the tail of the 1997 and there is a speed sensor. The 2003 doesnt have it.

Brakes on 1997 escort?

Hopefully on the front and rear.

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1997 Ford Crown Victoria OBD?

The 1997 Ford Crown Victoria OBD 2 port is located under driver side dash next to center console