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Probably leaky drain pipe form toilet which passes through that room. Work out which corner of that room is below the toilet, you will probably see a swelling in the wall where the drain pipe is hidden. Call a plumber and get him to fix it.

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Q: What causes sewer odors from room below bathroom when toilet is flushed?
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What is the most common ground water contamination?

It would probably be septic pollution like when you go to the bathroom and it gets flushed down into the ground below your house and contaminants the rocks that naturally filter ground water.

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You are installing a toilet below the grade of the septic tank What is available to perform this task?

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When you plunge your toilet the waste comes up in the tub?

The clog is below the point where the toilet and the tub join the drain.

If your toilet leaked causing damage to the ceiling of the unit below you are you responsible for fixing their ceiling if you had the toilet fixed as soon as you were made aware of the leak?

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Is it possible to drop something into my toilet going down the building's main and clog one other toilet on the floor below me?

If on the same pipe yes it is

What would cause a toilet to overflow?

Which part, the tank or the bowl? If it's the tank, you have a problem with a restriction between the tank and the bowl. If it's the bowl, you have an obstruction in either the neck of the toilet or the drain pipe below the toilet.

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Why is there no flow from bathroom sink if water supply is on?

Additional shut off valve, below sink or in basement. Incomplete pipes not tied into bathroom sink line.

Why is there a metallic earthy smell coming from my toilet area?

The toilet wax ring is probably cracked and leaking.You have to drain and remove the toilet to replace the wax ring below it.Hope this helps!

When water drains out of the bathtub in one bathroom it floods the other bathroom?

You have a stoppage in the downpipe somewhere below the level of your other bathroom drain. A longer electric snake will break up the plug, if a cheap manual snake won't do it.

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