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When you are accelerating and your vehicle is sputtering, it is usually a misfire in the engine. Meaning one of your spark plugs or wires is malfunctioning. A simple tune up will fix this problem. Sputtering caused by a misfire is usually accompanied by a jerking of the vehicle when Idle. IF you are at a stop sign and you let go of the brakes, your vehicle will start jerking forward on its own without pressing the gas. try a tune up.

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Q: What causes sputtering on acceleration?
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What causes white smoke and sputtering?

blown headgasket

What would cause your 2002 lancer to hesitate cut out and accerate slow during acceleration?

Its your coil packs, they become defective after time, it causes a sputtering and loss of compression. Also check the intkae manifold. the throttle body control will regulate fuel to stop sputtering set idle for around 900rpms

What causes a 1996 eclipse to sputter and idle rough?

A lot depends on when it is sputtering. Is it hesitating under acceleration? That is what happens most commonly in eclipses. It is probably a misfire in one of the cylinders. Change your plugs and wires.

What causes sputtering in Subaru legacy?

I sometimes sputter when I'm nervous. Please reword the question and tell me what year and engine and describe what you are doing with the car when "sputtering" occurs. Would help if you can think of additional description of what you mean by "sputtering".

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95 Jeep Cherokee sputtering on acceleration?

if it is an automatic could be spark plugs or spark plug wiring...if a manual check the fuel pump

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The engine began sputtering and then it went dead.

Sputtering and low power on acceleration on a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado 4.1 liter and the problem is what since the oil is clean?

you probably need a tun up

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What causes 1998 dodge ram 1500 sputtering and stuttering while starting out driving?

check plugs &wires

Why is my muffler sputtering?

Usually a sputtering muffler means that a new catalytic converter is needed. The sputtering sound is the car misfiring.

Causes for sputtering on 95 Ford Taurus?

plugged cat, but make sure you check your spark plugs and wires. If its time to change them , then change them first and drive the car. , if sputtering continues, check the cat and the ignition coil.

Nissan Pathfinder sputtering?

There are a couple of reasons why a Nissan Pathfinder could be sputtering. The sputtering can be from bad gas or a bad fuel pump.

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What are Symptoms of a bad cam sensor on 94 grand Cherokee?

There are a few symptoms when a car has a bad cam sensor. A few of these are sputtering, poor acceleration, and the engine stalling.

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