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Just as organisms have evolved to survive in a rock pool or under the bark of a tree, so to has bacteria evolved to survive in the stomach of humans and animals. One pound of the weight of an adult human is from bacteria alone. These bacteria are largely beneficial and prevent pathogenic (illness inducing) bacteria such as pathogenic E. Coli from multiplying by competing for space and nutrients. As to what causes it, when a newborn is breastfed the milk contains enzymes and bacteria (without exposing the baby to these it will have a weaker immune system as an infant). Bacteria grow from this milk and continue to grow until the body cools after death. Food introduces new bacteria (even if it looks Exceedingly Good) which is usually out competed and dies, or it may cause illness (such as food poisoning or stomach upset) and be flushed out by time or drugs. Post by James Johnson
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What causes bacteria?

Bacteria is not actually caused, it exists in nature. Bacteria issometimes caused to grow with temperature changes or with theintroduction of food to an environment.

What causes stomaches?

indigestion. gas accumulation due to indigestion. bowels not cleared. if it is a longstanding problem could be ulcers, worms

How do cows obtain stomach bacteria?

Rumen bacteria has been obtained when they were young calves when they mouthed, licked or eaten various things that contain bacteria that another cow or calf has also mouthed, licked or eaten, thus directly transferring bacteria and thus swallowing it into their digestive tracts. A calf will also ge ( Full Answer )

What does bacteria cause?

Bacteria can cause a wide number of infections and diseases. Someof these include food poisoning, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis,conjunctivitis and urinary tract infection.

Can salmonella food poisoning bacteria stay in the lining of the stomach and the bowel causing more vommiting and dihorreau?

my doctor told me to go on a clear liquid diet then the next day got on a toast or cracker diet then just eat soup until you fill normal. and drink as much as you can. Gatorade and water. my doctor told me to go on a clear liquid diet then the next day got on a toast or cracker diet then just eat so ( Full Answer )

Which genus of bacteria causes stomach ulcers?

Heliobacter is the primary cause of stomach ulcers That should be spelled helicobacter. Specifically, the bacteria is called helicobacter pylori. The organism is helical and is found near the pyloric valve (between stomach and small instesine). pyloric = gateway (greek).

What causes a bloated stomach?

First I believe the distinction between bloating and distention must be established. Bloating is the feeling you get when your abdominal region is larger while distention is the actual " physical " finding that your abdominal area is larger than normal. Distention is a more serious conditi ( Full Answer )

What causes throbbing in the stomach?

There are many reasons you may have throbbing in your stomachincluding the fact that you ate something that didn't agree withyou. You can also be having trouble with your appendix.

What causes stomach cancer?

A source has not been clarified, but some causes could be from disorders, infections, and diet. While these are not necessarily causes, there are certain risk factors for developing stomach cancer. These include: . A diet that is high in salty and smoked foods . A diet that is low in fruits and ( Full Answer )

What are the bacteria that thrive in a cow's stomach?

There are four types of bacteria found in the rumen, as follows: . Cellulose digesting bacteria . Fibrobacter succinogenes . Ruminococcus albus . Ruminococcus flavefaciens . Hemicellulose digesting bacteria . Fibrobacter succinogenes . Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens . Prevotella rumin ( Full Answer )

Can you kill bacteria in your stomach by drinking bleach?

DO NOT CONSIDER TRYING THIS! The bleach will severely injure you mouth, throat, and vocal cordslong before reaching your stomach. You will almost certainly needto be hospitalised and have your stomach pumped. The bleach mighteven kill you .

Causes of bacteria?

Bacteria cause disease. Most of these bacteria, like those listed below make their presence felt immediatley and may or may not result in death. Some people though, can be infected with a bacterium that normally causes a disease and not show any harmfull effects at all, people like this are called c ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of bacteria?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms whose single cells have neither a membrane-bounded nucleus nor other membrane-bounded organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts. Another group of microbes, the archaea, meet these criteria but are so different from the bacteria in other ways that they must have ( Full Answer )

What does the cows stomach bacteria do?

There are several types of bacteria in the rumen of a bovine thathave different jobs to do. But basically, their main job is tobreak down the fibrous material found in the coarse plant materialthat a cow so commonly eats so that she can obtain energy, protein,VFAs (volatile fatty acids), vitamins an ( Full Answer )

Do bald eagles have bacteria in there stomachs?

Eagles swallow big chunks of fish and small animals or birds, bones and all. To digest them and to prevent sharp, jagged bone edges from piercing their intestines, eagle stomachs produce extremely strong acids. These acids also destroy most bacteria, so that when eagles are scavenging on dead fish a ( Full Answer )

Bacteria in the stomach?

I keep bacteria in my stomach, my dr. Prescribe antibiotics& i take it for 15 days, but the bacteria keeps coming back& we don't understand. This time she is requesting a stoolsample after i finish the medication.

How does acid in the stomach kill bacteria?

The stomach acid makes the stomach a particularly hostile environment for bacteria. It is an too acidic an environment for most microorganisms to survive. In addition there are proteases that will digest most cells.

What do bacteria in the stomach do?

The human stomach is generally free from bacteria. Most bacteria which are swallowed either with food or in mucus from the upper repiratory tract are killed due to the low pH (acid) conditions.. Some lactobaccili can survive in the stomach.. Helicobacter pylori may grow in the stomach and cause st ( Full Answer )

How does stomach acid kill our bacteria?

A large portion of bacteria, though not all, can not survive in a low pH environment such as stomach acid. The bacteria dies from the corresive nature of low a low pH solution.

Does the stomach kill bacteria?

Yes, the stomach do kill bacteria. But in the presence of Hydrochloric acid (HCl). This acid can be harmful to the human body also if mucous layer lining the internal layer of the stomach and the alimentary canal is destroyed resulting in peptic ulcer.

Common causes of stomach cancer?

There are many causes of stomach cancer inluding a bacteria called H. pylori, chronic gastritis, hereditary factors, and dietary factors.

What causes digestion in the stomach?

The chewed food passes from our mouth to the oesophagus (gullet) . When it reaches our stomach the enzymes that are inside speed up the digestion process. This shows that a chemical reaction is taking place, when food is being digested. Later, the food passes from our stomach to other parts of our b ( Full Answer )

What causes the stomach to grumble after food?

Although people often feel sleepy after a meal, eating makes the stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas begin important work. Stomach acids and bile salts from the gallbladder begin to break down food. Glucose from foods triggers insulin to be released from the pancreas. All the activity going on create ( Full Answer )

Can arthritis cause stomach problems?

Stomach issues are usually caused by the NSAIDs (ie aspirin, naprosyn, etc.) prescribed for pain. Your doctor may change your medications or prescribe a pill specifically to help relieve the problem (ie prilosec, zantac). However, you can try taking the meds with a meal to help alleviate the problem ( Full Answer )

What causes pH of the stomach?

the digestive system produces a hydrochloric acid medium for the action of pepsin without which it would be impossible to digest proteins. this hydrochloric acid emission causes the pH of the stomach.

What can cause stomach wounds?

Anything that penetrates, punctures, tears/rips the abdominal skin and penetrates to the organs can cause an abdominal wound. If you mean only the stomach (the organ), you can also acquire wounds if something sharp or a foreign body was swallowed/ingested and got stuck in the stomach organ and could ( Full Answer )

What can a person with stomach bacteria eat?

If you are saying that you have the stomach flu( AKA Salmonella ) then you can eat small portions of food( mostly bread products such as noodles or plain simply bread, I usually eat ramen noodles lol ) after you have thrown up. If you have not thrown up, or your chances of throwing up are slim, you ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of a big stomach?

being pregnant or eating too much, also ovarian cancers or tumors and food or gluten allergies as well as constipation,gas and drinking too much.

What causes a cows stomach to bloat?

Inability to belch out gases due to build up of bubbly foam caused by eating too much grain or high-protein legumes like clover and alfalfa. Bloat is often a result of cattle being set out on a alfalfa or clover field on an empty stomach, or overloading on a favorite treat.

What is causes of stomach pain?

for girls - they are going through thier periods for the first time they get it and also when they get thier periods after a month the first when you gonna recieve it, it will pain. its gonna feel like you are very hungry

What causes stomach pain after you eat?

When we eat, our stomach becomes sensitive. So if you move too much after eating (especially eating a lot), you will feel stomach pain. But it's not true that we can get appendicitis when we move too much after eating. (Hope you like my answer) =)

Does honey cause stomach pain?

I believe it does for me. I get really bad cramps/pain in my upper abdomen. It comes on several hours after ingestion and lasts 8 hours or more! Very painful to the point that I can't sleep all night when I've had honey in the evening. It takes less than a Tbsp. and is the same with raw and regular ( Full Answer )

What type of bacteria is typhoid causing bacteria?

The are gram negative bacillus shaped bacteria. They are facultative anaerobic bacteria. They ferment the glucose to produce acid and gas. They ferment the sulfur containing amino acids to produce H2S gas. They do not ferment the lactose.

Do you have a stomach virus or a stomach bacteria?

I'm certain I have lots of bacteria in my stomach; I probably have a significant number of viruses there as well. The term "stomach whatever" is sometimes colloquially used to mean "an illness that makes someone throw up". It's completely unscientific anyway and almost certainly not based on an act ( Full Answer )

Which substances in the stomach destroys the bacteria?

The stomach contains a highly acidic mixture of enzymes, acids, etc. Specifically, the inside of the stomach is acidic to allow the enzyme pepsin to work at its maximum efficiency. The use of hydrochloric acid (HCl) acidifies to stomach juices to around a pH of 2. This highly acidic environment allo ( Full Answer )

How can you help the bacteria in the cows stomach?

Give the cow something that she would eat, like grass or hay. Ifyou are wanting to switch diets, GO SLOW. Don't switch her to atotally different diet in one day, drag it out, by increments, overseveral weeks so the bacteria in her stomach have time to adjust. It's also very important to feed a cow ( Full Answer )

Is methane produced by stomach bacteria?

Not in your stomach as it is too acidic for bacteria. Cows have a stomach compartment just for bacterial digestive action that produces methane. Perhaps in your intestinal region methane can be produced.

What causes bacteria-?

The ancestors of modern bacteria were unicellular microorganismsthat were the first forms of life to appear on Earth, about 4billion years ago. In a laboratoy, bacteria are grown from a solidor liquid material.