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What causes swelling under the eyes?

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Possible reasons range from Allergies, lack of sleep or an eye infection, to a growth, tumor or a clogged tear duct. Please seek the help of your physician.

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What causes swelling behind the eyes?

Glaucoma can cause swelling in and behind the eyes. This can lead to permanent blindness so take it seriously.

What causes bags under the eyes?

Lack of sleep causes bags under the eyes.

What makes swelling under the eyes?

Some adults can have water retention under their eyes and it can be a hereditary factor so a child may have that particular gene. Other causes can be water retention and allergies. It's advisable you see your doctor about this problem.

What causes swelling?

What causes swelling?

What causes swelling around the eyes?

there are many cause for the swelling ,mainly any injury, stress, allergy ,obesity or hyper tention. .

Bacteria that causes sore eyes?

Bacterial conjunctivitis causes sore eyes. The redness of the eyes goes together with swelling of the eyelid. Anesthetic eye drops can be used to relieve the pain.

What causes Swelling under check and nostrils?

an abscess could be the cause.

Why have you got swelling and bruise in your eyes and under your eyes after you hit your head face first on a door?

Because you're an idiot.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can show up under your eyes quickly due to a lack of REM sleep or sleep period. The lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under your eyes to burst which cause te darkness under your eyes.

What causes Swelling under right armpit?

There are many reasons for swelling. You should see a real doctor and not some anonymous person on the internet.

What could cause facial swelling under the left eye and left cheek area?

Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

What causes swelling of a dogs throat under the jaw area?

If the swelling occurs in a puppy, under the age of two months, the swelling could be due to a condition called puppy strangles. If the swelling occurs in an older dog, it may be the result of a bug bite or other allergic reaction.

What foods should you eat to help get rid of dark circles under eyes?

what causes dark circles under eyes?

What causes puffy eyes?

There are many reasons for puffy eyes. The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the body. For this reason any swelling underneath the lids or discoloration may be quite obvious. What causes this? • Overconsumption of salt, which causes fluid retention • Allergies/infections that can cause inflammation and swelling • Sinus problems • Dehydration • Fatigue and lack of sleep • Stress • Crying • Aging • Inherited facial features ("puffy eyes" may run in the family) src:

What is the cause of bags under eyes?

Bags, or a dark tint, under the eyes is caused by natural aging. As one ages, the muscle and tissue under the eyes weakens, and causes a discoloration.

How long do you put cucumbers on eyes to reduce swelling under the eyes and at the top of the cheekbones?

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm asking Dr. Oz.

What causes black circles under eyes?

Not enough sleep.

What causes bags under eyes?

Stress, malnutrition, or genetics.

What causes wrinkles under the eyes?

smoking is one of the reasons

What causes circles under the eyes?

when you have less sleep and you are tired.

What is swelling under an eyelid after surgery?

Hello! Swelling and puffiness is to be expected in the days following an eyelid procedure. Cold compresses are put on the eyes to reduce swelling and bruising, which disappear within seven to ten days.

What can cause facial numbness and swelling of the cheeks eyes lips and throat for three days?

What causes your lips to swell and go numb

What causes pain in the apendix?

Inflammation causes swelling and irritation of the appendix. The swelling rubs against surrounding tissues and causes pain.

What illegal Drug causes a reaction bruising under the eyes?


What causes extreme black under the eyes?

In one Commercial, it said that it may be black under the eyes because blood is there. They have this one product that can help. !!!!!