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What causes swollen vein on left hand to form like a knot?

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You may have a blood clot if your vein is swollen and is forming a knot. It is important to have that checked out since a blood clot can go to your heart and cause severe damage.

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What causes a swollen knot on back?

There are many things that can cause a swollen knot on a persons back. An allergic reaction to something, an insect bite, or an animal bite are things that can cause this.

Why is there a swollen painful knot on your jaw following a tooth extraction?

This may be a swollen lymph node indicating infection.

What is a knot behind the ear?

i think it maybe the mastoid bone swollen

What could a large swollen knot under the skin below the chin be?

a goiter

Over hand knot or thumb knot?

There are 3 common names for the same knot - Overhand Knot, Thumb Knot, and Common Knot. None is more "correct" than the other, it is simply a matter of where the knot was taught to the person using the knot.

What is the plural of knot?

The plural form of knot would be: knots

What is the knot on the side of your neck below close to a pimple?

A knot on the side of the neck can be a swollen lymph gland, sebaceous cyst, or a boil. A swollen lymph gland can be caused by an infection. A boil is usually a red and tender lump caused by an infection of a hair follicle.

What causes tree knots branches?

What is a knot on wood and trees? Is a knot the ame as a limb that didn't grow?

Does Barack Obama use a Windsor Knot for his neckties?

Not really. He usually goes with the four-in-hand knot

How do you tie a square knot?

The square knot is a wonderful knot for tying two pieces of string or rope together to form one. With one end of rope in each hand cross the right hand string over and under the left so that the left hand string is now in the right hand and vice-versa. Now, cross the left hand string over the right and under and tighten. So, i repeat, right over left and under, then, left over right and under. See this URL: It's a great illustration of the knot!

What causes a knot above the belly button with pain?

A hernia

What part of speech is knot?

The word knot can be a noun or a verb. The noun form is a looping of rope or other material so that it cannot be untangled without passing the ends of material through the loops. The verb form means to form or tie a knot.

How do you you untangle a knot with one hand?

If a line is tangled, you most likely cannot undo it with one hand. However, if is a knot that needs to be undone, many knots can be undone with one hand. If a knot is "slipped", which means it has an end that will release it, the slipped end is pulled. This is the way you untie shoelaces, which are tied with a double slipped square knot. If the knot is not slipped, the next easy way to undo it is to "spill" the knot. Depending upon the type of knot, this usually requires two hands. To spill the knot, a section that looks like a loop is pushed or pulled in the direction away from the load which will either loosen the knot or release it. If a knot cannot be spilled or slipped, it will require 2 hands and can be difficult, sometimes also requiring a tool.

How do you tie a rope in a knot without letting go of the rope?

You fold your arms, then hold either end with your hands. Then, unfold your arms, and ta-da, a knot. * Added - In addition to the Overhand Knot that can be awkwardly made with folded arms, a Slip Knot can be made with one hand more easily and faster. With the rope laying on the ground, slide your right hand under the rope from the right, then turn your hand to the right, over the rope again. This forms a loop. Now, reach down and back toward yourself to grab the rope part closest to you - wriggle your hand to pull a small loop and let the rest of the rope fall from your hand - You are now holding the loop of a Slip Knot! With practice, this knot can be made in this method in one second! The fastest and easiest knot made without ever letting go, and it's made with one hand!

What type of knot is used to prevent the end of a rope from untwisting to form a knot at the end?

figure eight

Why can't a man get knotted with a female dog?

The man's penis doesn't have a knot on it like the male dog does. The penis causes the knot to occur, not the vagina.

What is it when you have a knot under your left ear next to your cheek bone?

Sounds like a swollen gland, but it could be a cyst. Best to have a doctor look at it.

How do you tie a knot without letting go?

This is an old camp fire riddle... to do it, fold your arms in front of your chest, hold one end of the rope in each hand, when you pull the rope will make an over hand knot. -------------- The fastest knot that can be tied without letting go is tied in the center of a rope, a Slip Knot. It is also one of very few knots that can be easily tied with one hand. Reach underneath the rope with right hand, raise hand and go to the right and over the now sagging part of the rope, reach back to the sagging part closest to you and grab it and pull it through the loop you created. This is a Slip Knot and can be made in less than a second with practice.

What does a knot in the armpit mean?

It could be a muscle spasm, a swollen lymph node, or some kind of tumor. You should get it checked by a doctor if it does not go away.

What knot do you use when rappelling?

The bowline is used to form a loop large enough to sit in. The "tied-off" end can be any knot that will not slip.

What is a common knot used when tying boys ties?

One of the most common knots used to tie and boys tie is the 4-Hand Knot. It is simple to tie, and has a very small knot suitable for smaller necks. It is more casual.

What is a large knot on the back of the neck at the base of the skull that can be moved and interferes with innner ears?

Could be swollen lymph nodes caused by an inner ear infection.

What causes a knot at the top of your stomach?

A knot in the stomach may be a feeling of tightness or pain. See a doctor to make sure this is not a hernia or any other condition needing attention.

How do you easily tie a tie?

try a Four In Hand Knot, it's very easy but classic.

How do you finish at the end of a hand sewing stitch?

I just take an extra stitch on the bottom of the piece, or in a hidden portion, and pass the needle back through the stitch to form a knot, Then I pass it through again to double the knot. If the sewing piece is needlepoint, I simply weave the yarn through the back of the stitches in the piece.