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Water vapor

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Q: What causes the biggest problem in detecting infrared photons from an astronomical object from the Earth?
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In what form solar energy leaves the core of the sun?

visible and invisible light

How do UV rays travel through space?

UV rays are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes light, radio, x-ray, infrared, and other "waves". All of these travel through space as photons. Photons behave both as particles and as waves. Their particle nature lets them travel through space, where there is nothing to conduct them, as a wave would normally need.

Photons in sun travel is a straight path on the way?

Photons do travel in a straight path. To a person observing the photons though they will appear to be curved because of the gravitational field.

What creates the phenomenon known as the red shift?

The expansion of space in all parts of our Universe. When a group of photons leave an object (like a super-nova in a distant galaxy), they have a certain wavelength, and a certain distance between the first photons from that super-nova and the last such photons. During their travel, the expansion of space causes the wavelength of the photons to increase (even if they interact with no matter whatsover in their travels), as well as the distance between the first photons to leave and the last photons to leave. If these photons travel for enough time (say, a few 100 million to a few billion years) before they reach a detector on our Earth, the increase in wavelength AND the distance between the first and last photons becomes measurable. The photons have a wavelength longer than they "should" have, and the time between the first photons to arrive and the last to arrive will increase. The increase in wavelength, as well as the increase in time for the super-nova to last, will be as predicted by Hubble's Law.

What color are most of the photons that leave the Sun's surface?

The surface temperature of the sun is roughly 5,800K, so the color of most of the photons that leave the sun's surface is green.

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Do x ray radiation photons have more engery than infrared waves?

yes, x ray radiation photons have more energy than infrared waves

Do infrared photons or visible photons have longer wavelengths?

Visible radiation: 370-750 nm. Infrared radiation: 750 nm-300 μm These wavelenghts are not long.

Do plants grow better under infrared lights?

No, since there is insufficient energy in infrared photons to carry on photosynthesis.

In what form solar energy leaves the core of the sun?

visible and invisible light

Are photons difficult to detect?

Generally, photons are very easy to detect. Your eyes do a good job of detecting photons within a certain frequency band, as photons constitute light and other electromagnetic radiation. Individual photons are impossible to detect with modern technology.

Why are the photons that emerge from the Sun's surface visible-light photons and infrared-light photons rather than gamma-ray photons?

Photons do not come in different types like infared-photons etc. they are just the wavelength that the photons are at and nuclear fusion just happens to emit photons at a particular wavelength

As a gas condenses to a liquid what does it do to the heat that was required to vaporize the liquid?

Radiates it (mainly as infrared photons).

What type of energy is produced when a heated chemical glows?

Photons are emitted (light energy) and infrared energy.

What do infrared photons do when they hit glass?

When they're incident on glass, infrared photons do the same things that photons of otherwavelengths do ... some are reflected, some are absorbed, and some are transmitted.How many of the photons undergo each process depends on the energy of the photonsand the chemical composition of the glass.

How does a PET Scan use Radioisotope decay?

A PET scan uses radioisotope decay by detecting the pair of annihilation photons emitted during the decay process.

What happens to the amount of energy in water when it goes from a gas to a liquid?

The water molecules release energy in the form of infrared photons that are absorbed by the surrounding air.

What has more electromagnetic energy infrared radiation or x-rays?

Each X-ray photon carries more energy than an infrared photon does. But it's still very easy to shine an infrared beam that has far more energy than an X-ray beam. Simply use an infrared source that radiates more photons than the X-ray source does.