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Often this type of behavior is caused by a bad ground for the lighting circuit. Check the ground circuit for the brake lights.

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Q: What causes the brake lights to work when the headlights are off but when you turn the headlights and running lights on the brake lights go off on a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?
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What causes headlights to not come on?

a flat battery

What causes the radio to shutdown when you turn on the headlights?

I think it is a dying battery

What causes your headlights to flicker on your 1996 Pontiac grandam?

Probably your alternator.

What causes the headlights on a 95 firebird to stop flipping up?


What causes the headlights to periodically flicker on a 2005 Trailblazer?

I have an 2005 and the headlights on it will dim, and then brighten back to normal. I bought it brand new, and it has done it since I bought it. I actually took it back to the dealership, and asked them about it, and they said that Chevy knew that it would do that, but that the car would keep running, and that there was nothing that they could do about it. Hope this helps.

What causes headlights to go off and on when key switch is on?

its to conserve power to start veh. with full voltage to starter headlights will come on after starting car

What causes the battery light to come on when the headlights goes on?

Your alternator may not be putting out enough Amps to charge your battery and run your headlights as well. You can test this by measuring the voltage from the battery with a multimeter. With the car running the volts should be around 14 or more on a 12 volt battery. Try it with the lights on too.

What causes condensation in car headlights?

It has a bad seal or a crack allowing moisture to get in.

What causes the headlights to go out on a 1999 gmc suburban?

I had the switch assembly on the steering column get burned-up at it caused my headlights to go out. It cost about $250 to replace.

What causes 1998 Plymouth breeze heat not to get warm?

check your water...

What causes headlights to dim while driving?

Your battery is weak, or your your alternator is not charging battery.

1994 Plymouth voyager diagnostic trouble codes 35 and 51 causes and fix?

Diagnostic Code 51 for a 1994 Plymouth Voyager is the vehicle running too rich or too lean on fuel. Diagnostic Code 35 has to do with the cooling fan for the engine. It is not coming on at the proper times due to a short or a bad fuse.

What causes the running lights and dash lamps not to work when the fuses and bulbs are okay on a 1993 Dodge Dynasty?

i have a 91 dynasty and my headlights dont work i have read on this site that it might be the headlight switch im not sure whats wrong with the dash.

What causes the martian valley?

Running water causes the martian valley

What causes a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker not to have headlights?

More than likely a blown fuse.

What causes gauges and headlights to blink on a 2000 buick century?

Loose battery or alterator connections

What causes the headlights to dim in a 2005 trailblazer?

you might have a short in your alternator. In my car the headlights would dim when I put on the brakes or tried to use cigerette lighter to power up my phone.

What causes the dashboard light to dim after turning on the headlights?

Because the power for your headlights is pulled from your battery. When the dashboard lights dim after turning on the headlights the dashboard lights aren't getting as much power as they were with the headlights off. With the motor running or off? The headlights draw a lot of current, but should not visibly affect other systems. There could be a problem with a worn out battery, an alternator that isn't charging correctly, or you have a bad earth between the battery and the chassis. Check the large cable connection between the battery (usually negative these days) and the bodywork, or between the engine block and the bodywork.

What fuse on a 1979 Chevy van a great laker causes the headlights to turn on?

usually the headlights have a fusible link near the battery but check for power to the highbeam switch and headlight switch first.

What causes the distributor not to fire to the spark plugs on a 1993 Plymouth colt?

A faulty ECM!!!

In a 1996 Plymouth Neon what causes the water to boil in the reservoir?

replace your radiator cap...

What causes the door ajar light to stay on Plymouth Voyager?

The door being open.

What causes overheating and no heat in a 1998 Plymouth neon?

lack of coolant, check for leaks.

Which system shows a transformation from chemical to electrical and light energy?

A car battery causes the headlights to shine

What causes the hi beam lights to be on dim when the low low beam lights are on?

Check the grounds for the headlights.