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What causes the cigarette lighter fuse to keep blowing when replacing it?

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A short.

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Q: What causes the cigarette lighter fuse to keep blowing when replacing it?
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What causes a cigarette lighter fuse to blow when you push in the cigarette lighter?

There is something else in the hole or the retaining clip is bent down causing interference.

What causes blown fuse anytime cigarette lighter is used in 1989 celebrity?

Bad lighter maybe? Something else hooked into the same circuit and when you use the lighter it overloads the circuit, blowing the fuse? because of where the lighter outlet sets anything you plug in get hit by the shifter check for loose or frayed wires behind it

What else causes a cigarette lighter malfunction even with a new fuse on a vauxhall zafira 04?

Bad contact somewhere in the cigarette lighter. Check the circuit with a continuity checker device.

Why doesnt your cigarette lighter work 2002 Chrysler pt cruiser?

Causes include blown fuse and broken wire.

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You got a short somewhere. Might be in the wiring, might be in the element itself. Either that, or you're overloading it.

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