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The mutual attractive forces of gravity between the body and the Earth.

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2013-01-24 03:51:56
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Q: What causes the freely falling body to accelerate to the ground?
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How fast do objects accelerate when falling to the ground?

When falling to the ground (or even just in the air), the acceleration of an object depends on the gravitational pull of the object it is falling towards. Here on earth, all things fall relative to the earth which causes an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2

Why doesn't a raindrop accelerate as it approaches the ground?

A falling snowflake or raindrop does not accelerate as it approaches the ground because their mass doesn't change. The form is not affected throughout the fall so it is already approaching the ground at terminal velocity. Hope this helps.

What is the only force acting on a freely falling object?

Gravity is forcing an object to fall to the ground. Another force is friction from air pressure on the falling object.

Why does a ball accelerate from the time you drop it from your hand to the time it hits the ground?

Because it's responding freely to the Earth's gravitational field the entire time.

What is an apple falling to the ground?

A apple falling to the ground IS an apple falling to the ground.

Why does an object accelerate while its falling to the ground?

Because I know more than you and I am right and you are wrong so the answer is what I said it was because of gravity you idiot!!!!!!!!!

How does acceleration affect falling objects?

As objects fall, they are accelerated by the force of gravity, which causes them to continually fall faster, until they either reach the ground, or until they reach what is known as terminal velocity, which is the speed at which air resistance is equal to the force of gravity, so that the falling object does not accelerate any more.

How an object falls towards the ground what happens to the kinetic energy of the object?

When an object is falling towards the ground freely, it's kinetic energy will go on increasing with time and will be maximum just before hitting the ground.

A permeable rock layer that transmits ground water freely?

An aquifer transmits ground water freely.

What happens when an object falls to the ground?

Its weight causes it to accelerate. That is in simple terms. When an object falls to the ground, it still has mass, it still has weight, and it has constant forces acting upon it, such as gravity.

When a body falls freelyto the ground its motion has uniform motion?

No. "Uniform motion" means motion at a constant speed in a straight line. But the speed of a body falling freely to the ground is continuously increasing, in response to the force of gravity.

What are freely falling bodies?

principle of freely falling bodies is if we take two substances in which 1st substance is less than150gram(say50gms) and 2nd substance is of 1 kg in this case if we drop these substances 1 kg substancewill reach the ground first and in the 2nd case take two substances which one substance is more than400gms(700gms) and other substance is of 1kg in this case if we drop these substances both will reach the ground simultaneously at the same time the freely falling bodies are bodies in which the acceleration is constant during free fall and during freefall the weight of the body is zero and when the object reaches the ground the weight of body should be constant as before the free fall.

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