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The lenses are plastic and will haze over time due to road conditions. Sand and grit gets thrown up by the vehicle in front of you and hits these plastic lenses at whatever speed you're driving. So normal use results in a sandblasted lens. I recommend a two step proceedure: 1. Get some Whink or CLR. Either of these products remove mineral and rust stains and deposits. This is the same stuff you can buy at any department or drug store for household use. Put a small amount on a terry rag and wipe down the lenses a couple of times. This will remove the imbedded deposits that have built up over time. Be careful not to get it on adjacent crome or paint and rinse well right after you use it. 2. Your local auto parts store likely sells Meguiar's PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish. Get some and follow the directions. You can get by with just the PlastX but you'll spend a whole lot more time polishing than you will if you use the Whink or CLR first. Here is more from WikiAnswers contributors: * Hey I've sprayed my lamps with some clear coat spray paint, clear ok. A mild buffing compound and a buffing wheel. You can also buy a product called "Crystal View" to restore the headlight. You can purchase this product at Walmart, K-Mart or Advanced Auto Parts. You can also order it online at

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Will a climate control from a 1995 Lincoln mark vIII work on a 1997 Lincoln mark vIII?


What causes the brakes to suddenly lock up on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

May be the proportioning valve by the master cylinder

Can 1997 Lincoln mark vii driver side fender fit on 1998 Lincoln mark viii?

Yes it will

Who sells a potentiometer for a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Simple answer to a simple question---- A Lincoln dealer !

Will a 1997 Lincoln mark viii grille fit a 1994 Lincoln mark viii?

Not unless you try to change the whole front end of the car.

HOW MANY LIters of engine oil for Lincoln 1997?

According to the various models Owner Guides : With engine oil filter change : 1997 Lincoln Continental ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Town Car ( 4.7 liters )

Is 1997 Lincoln mark viii has a v4 or v6?

All models and years of the Mark Viii are v8's

How do you change rear quarter panel on a 1997 Lincoln mark 8?

It would have to be cut out.

1997 Lincoln mark viii transmission?

True, just the line pressure is lower!

Where is the fuel tank on a 1997 Lincoln mark 8?

It's under the car to the rear of the auto.

If you turn the air ride switch off in a 1997 lincoln mark 8 can you still drive the car?

Yes, if you turn the air ride switch off in a 1997 Lincoln mark 8 you can still drive the car but this should be used as a temporary measure

Where do I find a diagram for Steering Column on 1997 Lincoln Mark Viii?

If you don't have a shop manual, your nearest Lincoln or Ford parts department.

What is the stock 0-60 for a 1997 Lincoln mark viii LSC?

7 sec. stock

Where is cig lighter on a 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

Below the climate control and back of center console.

How do you set the clock in a 1997 Lincoln mark 8?

press the 'clock' button and follow instructions on the read out

Will a 94 Lincoln Mark Driver side door mirror fit a 1997 Mark VIII?

No, the 1993 used one style of mirrors on the exterior, then 1994-1996 were the same and then 1997-1998 were again different.

Where is the pcv in a 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

On the driver's side valve cover towards the back of the engine, on top.

Where is Oil filter located on 1997 Lincoln mark 8?

Drivers side under the engine toward the front

How many volts run to headlight of 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

12 volts...max 13.8 volts

Where can you purchase an air ride suspension pump for a 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

Best bet is E-Bay

What was the first year of the Lincoln mark 8?

1993 first year to 1996 called first generation, then 1997-1998 is the second generation mark Vlll's

95 Lincoln mark viii?

You didn't ask a question about a 95 Lincoln Mark Vlll. or yes, there is a 95 Lincoln Mark Vlll.

When was Lincoln Mark LT created?

Lincoln Mark LT was created in 2005.

What is the fuse box diagrahm on a 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

The fuse box diagrahm gives you the explanation of the fuse location.

Where is the crank sensor conector 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

Down in back of the AC compressor passenger side of the engine.