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The first is that the Earth rotates on it's axis while the moon remains relatively still. As you know, it takes a little less than 24 hours for the earth to spin completely around. So in 2 hours, the moon will have appeared to move 30 degrees across the sky. If you have real patience, you'll notice that in 6 hours, the moon will have moved about 90 degrees.

The second way to answer the question is if you have been watching the moon at the same time every night and noticed that it is not in the same place each time. (Or you may have been comparing the moon to the background stars on different nights.) This happens because the moon revolves around the Earth. It takes about 28 days for the moon to do a complete cycle. (In those 28 days, the background stars hardly change their position in the sky, but the moon has.) In about 28 days, the moon travels around the earth creating a full lunar cycle relative to the sun. In other words, if you look at the position of the moon when it is high in the sky and record the time, then two days later at the same time, the moon will be 25 degrees away from that position.


Note: An interesting thing is that the moon IS moving across the sky. But the moon is moving from west to east, and not from east to west as you might think from casual observations. If you doubt this, consider the implications of the fact that the moon rises a little later each day than it did the day before.

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Q: What causes the movement of the moon across the sky?
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Does the moon move east across the sky?

the moon isnt in the sky its in space

What causes the moonthe sunand stars to seem as though they are moving across the sky?

the movement of the earth around the sun

Why does the moon appears to travel across the sky?

Because it does travel across the sky, the moon orbits the earth, the earth doesn't orbit the moon.

Why do the sun and moon rise?

The Earth's rotation causes the sun and moon to 'rise' and 'set. The rotation also causes the sun and moon to move across the sky from east to west, but really this is an illusion we see on out planet.

What causes the apparent movement of objects across the sky during day or night on earth?

The rotation of the earth is what gives motion to the heavens.

Does the position of the Orion in the night sky move within an hour?

Yes, the movement of the stars across the sky as opposed to the movement of the sun across the sky is what has set up the sidereal day.

When you go to moon why you have to see up to saw earth?

The same reason you have to look up to see the moon when you're standing on earth. From earth, the moon appears to move across the sky, but on the moon, the earth stays in the same spot at all times. This is because the near side of the moon is always pointing to earth while the earth rotates, which gives the moon the appearance of movement across the sky.

Can the moon be so big where it stretches a mile across the sky?


Does the moon appear to move across the sky from west to east?

No, it does not.

Why does the moon move across the sky?

because the Earth is rotating and the Moon is orbiting the Earth by gravity

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What causes the North Star to change positions in the night sky?

The movement of stars across the night sky, much like the movement of the sun across the day sky, is the result of the rotation of the Earth. We view the sky from a moving platform, our planet.