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What causes the offtrack light to come on the instrument tell-tale light on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

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trac sensor might be bad that was my prob on same year cavalier i had same problem, had a diagnostic test run, came back saying i needed new TPS just got that fixed, now it seems ok

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its your blower motor

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I needed a battery when I was having the same problem.

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i noticed a small bit of oil in my air intake duct as well, cleaned it out and haven't had an issue. it's nothing to worry about, but i'd probably say just a strange cavalier mystery

What causes the AC Heater blower fan to stop working on a 1999 cavalier?

Check the fuses.If not the fuse, test the resistor down by the blower motor.

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Could be food allergies. ie: too much grain in food

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What causes the headlight warning buzzer to malfunction on a 2004 Cavalier?

Check your owners manual to see how to fix your headlights. If you do not see an answer you could check with your local dealer.