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For every action there is an equal reaction, what goes up must come down , what does in must come out

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Q: What causes the sea water in and out momentum I know winds push the water inward towards the shore but what makes it go out again moments later?
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Why pulling your arms in causes you to go faster?

When you are spinning there is a force called angular momentum that keeps you spinning and the angular momentum forms a ratio with the size of the object that is spinning so as you bring your arms inward, your size decreases increasing your angular momentum which spins you faster.

How do you control a runaway camel?

The best way is to turn the camel's head inward to his body with the rein. This causes him to lose forward momentum forcing him to turn into a tight circle and hopefully stop.

Is the momentum of an object moving in a circular path at constant speed constant?

an object which moves in a circle must have a net inward force. There are many instancesof individual outwards forces which are exceeded by an individual inward force========================In terms of an answer to the question . . .The magnitude of its momentum is constant. But momentum is a vector ... itsdirection is the same as the direction of the object's velocity. So the momentumvector isn't constant.Exactly the same reasoning as velocity in circular motion at constant speed.

What causes the winds to rush towards hurricanes?

A hurricane is an area of low pressure, created by rising air in the thunderstorms thatake up the hurricane. This low pressure is what draws air inward.

What are the causes of typhoons?

Warm water and inward spiraling winds.

Where the acceleration of a satellite directed?

The acceleration of a satellite is directed inward, towards the center of the orbit.

How does a tornado get its speed?

Tornadoes have very low pressure at their centers, this draws air inward through the pressure gradient force. The air spirals inward and accelerates due to the conservation of angular momentum, reaching great speeds as it approaches and enters the tornado.

What is it that causes a production possibilities curve to shift outward or inward?

Improvement of management efficiency.

When turning out a horse to pasture should you open the gate inward to the pasture or outward towards yourself?

It doesn't really matter, but I find inward to the pasture is easier as you dont have to back out of the way as it swings open.

Whai is an inner core?

The inner core extends another 900 miles inward towards the center of the Earth.

What causes a tyhpoon?

1. Warm water 2. Moisture 3. Inward spirling winds

Do winds spiral inwards towards the center of a cyclone?

Yes. A cyclone has low pressure at its center, which pulls air inward.

What happens when a head injury swells inward?

It causes your brain to squeeze. and then you cant use your brain as well

Why is the world round not flat?

"Gravity is a centripetal force, it exerts its tremendous force inward, toward the center of gravity, always trying to form the Earth into a perfect sphere while the angular momentum is an outward tangential inertia (centrifugal force) that causes the oblate shape of the Earth." ~

What causes my right ring finger to bend inward?

Arthritis, past injury (bone breakage), or double-jointedness.

If the moons movement around earth suddenly slowed don greatly what would happen?

The moon would spiral inward towards the Earth.

What causes these gravitational centers to form in these huge clouds?

Because the rotation of the nebula creates an inward force to the center of the cloud.

Why are roads bent inward on curves?

Roads, particularly those that are designed for high-speed travel, tend to be inclined with the bottom at the inside of the curve and the top of the incline at the outside of the curve. This is to help the driver counteract the momentum of the car, which will tend to push the car towards the outside of the curve. Momentum is the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion on a straight line course unless acted upon by an outside force. Because the car is turning away from the straight line to follow the road, a force has to be applied to move the car from the straight line to the curve. Inclining the road helps provide this force - it helps turn the car by allowing gravity to pull the car down the incline and towards the center of the curve and counters the pull of the car towards the outside of the curve via momentum. This is why, when driving at higher speeds, you have to be careful about how quickly you try to turn your car. If you try to turn faster than you can overcome the momentum of the car, you will flip the car sideways and start rolling it.

What is the medical term meaning moving the arm inward and toward the side of the body?

Moving the arm closer to the midline, or towards the body, is adduction of the arm.

What is the source of centripital force that a planet requires to revolve around the sun?

The Sun's gravity is a force pulling the planet directly towards the Sun. That is always exactly balanced by the planet's acceleration, which is also towards the Sun. However the planet's momentum carries it forward in its orbit so the effect of the inward acceleration is to make the planet curve towards the Sun, and that is how the planet maintains its elliptical orbit. The above details were discovered by Isaac Newton and he was able to demonstrate why Kepler's laws of planetary motion are as they are. I won't get into centrifugal/centripetal because they are often confused.

What is a sentence for inward?

Depression is often anger turned inward.My job as a nurse brings a sense of inwardsatisfaction.After the accident, the rear of the car was bent inward.Instead of blaming others, he looked inward for the source of his unhappiness.

Where can you get cheap inward forks?

wat does inward mean?!

Does low pressure move inward or outward?


Why do your ears pop when you travel in aeroplanes?

The air pressure increases as you move farther away from the Earth, which causes your eardrum to push inward.

What causes the winds to rush toward hurricane areas?

A hurricane is an area of low barometric pressure. This tends to pull air inward.