What causes white worms in olallieberries?

Brambles, debris, and stress can cause white worms in olallieberries (Rubus laciniatus x ulmifolius).

Specifically, the white worms most likely are the larval stage of the raspberry fruitworm. They can be found on olallieberries because the plant is on their list of preferred food sources. Their presence will be encouraged by nearby brambles, ground litter, and adjacent weeds, all of which represent shelter. Their proliferation likewise will be favored by such environmental factors as humidity, temperate weather and warm downpours, none of which will reduce their numbers or eliminate their presence.

Olallieberries have specific growing and spacing requirements. They have specific light, moisture and nutrient requirements. They require comfortable circulation of air.

Problems such as white worm infestations are most likely to occur when the olallieberry environment is not meet the above-mentioned specifications.