What causes your tires to lock?

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What is the tire lock key used for on Jeep Wranglers and how do you lock the tires?

If the tires are on the Jeep, then they are already locked. The lock key is only for removing the tires (for applying work to the car, e.g. Tire rotation, buying new tires, fixing a flat tire, etc.)

What causes a Winding sound with speed of tires?

the tires themselves.

Can you substitute 265 70R15 tires with 235 70R15 tires?

Maybe, if enough clearance on full steering lock.

What sound do motorcycle brakes make when they lock?

When motorcycle brakes lock, they make a light grinding sound accompanied by the loud screeching of the tires. When the brakes lock, the tires are forced to slide along the pavement until the brakes are released on the bike stops.

What causes tires to make noise?

will tires make noise if there choppy on inside

Can 215 60 15 tires replace 195 60 15 tires?

Yes, if the front tires don't rub body on full steering lock

What causes tire noise?


Do plug tires causes the car to vibrate?

If the tires are properly balanced plug tires should not cause a vibration.

Why do the back tires of a Plymouth neon lock up?

You have a brake problem.

What causes tires to wear fast on a big rig?

Misaligned axles, bad mounts on the tires, improperly inflated tires.

Which force pushes a moving vehicle forward?

The engine causes the tires of the vehicle to turn. The tires are made of rubber in order to maximize the friction (traction) between the tires and the concrete. It is the tires and the force of friction which causes a vehicle to move forward (or backward, for that matter).

What causes your tires to keep losing its tread?


What causes heat to come from a car's tires?


What causes Center tread wear on tires?


What causes a vibrating steering wheel?

Tires out of balance

What causes car tires to be smooth?

Normal wear.

What causes wobble noise front end expedition?

Does it pull to the side? It may be your tires. Bad tires. Flat spot on the front tires. Try to rotate your tires. And see what happeneds.

What causes fingers to lock up?


What makes your tires so loud?

Usually a suspension or front end proble causes uneven wear on the tires and you get noise from them, similar to running on snow tires

What causes a battery to die?

when you spin out, or burn your tires, yo!

What causes scalloped tires?

Out of alignment or bad shocks or struts

Wearing tires out on the outside what causes this?

Wheels need alignment.

Which tires lock up first in a rear wheel drive?

The front tires ( the unpowered ones) lock up first, along with the one rear tire that is not being powered. In most cars, the rear tire with the least traction is the one that gets the power.

Why and how are tires rotated?

Why? To even out tire wear. The front tires will wear much quicker than the rears on a FWD vehicle. The front tires are pulling the vehicle and are also steering the vehicle. This causes friction which causes wear. You rotate by simply putting the rear tires on the front and the front tires on the rear every 10,000 miles. Click the link and go to Tire Rotation.

What causes a roaring sound coming from tires when bearings are fine and tread on tires is good this is on a jeep grand Cherokee?

they said mine did this because my tires were not stock and were bigger then recommended