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Oprah Bill Gates Justin Calabrese gives quite a bit of his money to friends in need, family, and charity around the holiday times. Angelina Jolie gives alot of her money and her time to help improve the awareness of poverty and those that are suffering poverty.

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"Celebrity Death Match" was a claymation TV show which aired on MTV for six seasons. Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was a regular 'guest' on the show, is most often credited as being the celebrity with the most appearances during the show's run.

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You have to contact the celebrity via their agent in order to obtain their permission. You will have to have some way to pay the celebrity - most writers agree to split the proceeds from the book's sales with the celebrity.

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none, if any did, the celeb. couldn't do anything they do now.

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To be a celebrity means to be someone who is recognized almost everywhere you go and most of the time getting media attention. So she's definitely a celebrity!

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There are lots of Celebrity that have most expensive houses but here are some Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus lots hope this helps

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