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anerobic respiration and glycolisis of aerobic respiration take place in cytoplasm.kreb cycle and electron transport chain of aerobic respiration take place in mitochondria.

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It is the mitochondria in cell. Respiration is the process

Cell respiration occurs in the mitochondria.

The Mitochondria is Involved in Cellular Respiration.

The organelle in plants that participates in cellular respiration is endoplasmic reticulum, and is also the organelle in both plants and animals, that is the main components for cellular respiration.

It is the mitochondria. It conducts aerobic respiration

every cell has organelle including animals cells.

Cellular respiration is conducted in the mitochondria of the cell.

Mitochondria, an organelle in a cell.

Since cellular respiration involves using energy, the mitochondria are necessary.

Cellular Respiration takes place in the Mitochondria :D

A majority of respiration occurs in the mitochondria.

The organelles that are responsible for cellular respiration are the mitochondria.

Cellular respiration occurs most often in the mitochondria of the cell.

Respiration happens in the mitocodrian and photosynthesis happens in the chloroplast.

The question should be: what organelle in cytoplasm causes respiration? The answer is: the mitochondria.

Cellular respiration starts in the cytoplasm of the cell, and then enters the mitochondria.

If you are looking for a single organelle, then I would say the mitochondria. They are the site of respiration and are adapted for efficient gas exchange.

The organelle where cell respiration takes place is the mitochondria. The mitochondria is an organelle found in the cytoplasm. It's enclosed by a double membrane, whose inner layer is highly folded so it has a large surface area.

different organelle has different functions, eg: chloroplast for photosynthesis, mitochondria for energy and respiration, vacuoles for cell transport, membranes for cell signalling..etc..

The electron transport part of cellular respiration takes place in the mitochondria

A lot of the process is associated with the Mitochondria.

It is the mitochondria. It generates energy through respiration.

The mitochondrion creates energy for the cell through aerobic cellular respiration.

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