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John Cena isn't currently holding any titles right now. The last date he held a title was June 20, 2010 when he was defeated by Sheamus for the WWE Title.


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because John cena is a real champion and kane do not wants john cena to become champion

John Cena has been WWE champion 9 times!

John Cena is an 8 time WWE champion and 2 time World champion.

in 2009 edge beat john cena and became wwe heavyweight champion

John Cena has bean a World Heavyweight Champion 12 times

On the WWE Homepage it says that John Cena was champion before Edge was

Before the first time JOhn Cena became the united states champion, the champion was the big show

the wwe champion is John Cena and of mr macmahon and Bret the hitman hart made John Cena and Batista become enemies

hornswoggle win wwe tag team champion with john cena because john cena will move in to dx then john cena and hornswoggle and dx will be in a team but sx will world tag team champion

john cena is a 8 time champion 2 time unitedstates champion 4 time wwe champion and 2time world heavyweightchampion

yes john cena is the still wwe champion because he beat batista at wrestlemania 26

john cena because he has been more wwe champion

The fastest wwe champion is John Cena

No John Cena already beat The Rock at Wrestlemania and John Cena is the new WWE Champion

John Cena has had the heavyweight champion 2 times, none in 2010.

John cena is a 11 time World champion Wwe championship 9 times and World heaveight Champion 2 times.

im not sure but i think cena will be champion after the rivalry between orton and hhh then who ever is champ after that cena will get in a rivalry with that man or women if orton is champion.

No. John Cena is top notch talent and he belongs on Raw or Smackdown.

Yea. He is a champion I thought Randy Ortan was now

As of Dec. 7,2009, John Cena is the WWE Champion

when john cena was champion

I say JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately,no. John Cena lost his worldheavywieght title at Backlash 2009 to Edge. So your new champion is Edge.

Yes as of curently right now John Cena is the world heavyweight champion. John Cena is going to defend his title against Jbl (John Bradshaw Layfield) at the Royal Rumble. (January 25)

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