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In France they planted a tree when World War 1 was ended and the tree fell at World War 2 so what changed no more tree

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France was NOT powerful in World War 2.

France went into World War 2 because Germeny invaded Poland. Poland was an Allie to France.

The world war 2 is going on in the Poland France and the china

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

France was on the Allies side during the second world war. However, Germany invaded France early in the war.

Germany invaded France during World War II.

World War 2 occured in France and Germany mainly. == ==

Well France exploded so it's gone now... And replaced with Bosnia

Revoultionary war: france war of 1812: no one world war 1: france, england, world war 2: france, england, italy, and russia

Well the Cold war came about...

The Allies invasion of Normandy France during World War 2 on June 6, 1944 the victory that followed changed the war into the Allies hands

France didn't even rule France during World War 2, let alone occupy any other countries.

Vichy, France was the provisional capital of France during World War 2. More:

After WWII, France experienced high inflation.

no, we were strict enimies with France

Neither France, nor the US had any desire to get involved in the war.

Operation Overlord was the name of the plan for the allies to invade France during the World War 2.

No. World War 2 ended In Rheims, France on May 8, 1945

No. France was returned to its pre-war borders.

world war 2Their lives changed forever

On September 3, 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany, marking the start of World War 2. Germany had just invaded Poland, an ally of France.

France fought the Germans with the English.

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