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Q: What changes in the body after an effective warm up?
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What does the human body do to warm up?

shivering warms the body up.

Why is pee warm?

because your body is warm so it heats it up

Is it ok to stretch without warm up if the weather is hot and your body is warm already?

Stretching is warming up. Therefore, it is OK to stretch if the weather is hot and body is already warm.

What are the effective changes to plants and animals in the ecosystem?

There are changes brought up in animals and plants. It is due to evolution.

What does your body to automatically to cool down or warm up?

your body sweats to cool down and shivvers to stay warm

How can you warm up your body?

Throw yourself in a fire, it might get warm (Possibly).

Importance of warm up?

A proper warm-up is important because it helps prepare the body for physical activity by increasing heart rate, blood flow to muscles, and flexibility, which can help prevent injuries. It also mentally prepares you for the workout ahead and can enhance performance by activating the muscles and improving coordination.

Why the kitty will climb up to body?

because you are warm and kitty's like to be warm!!MEOW

What happens to your body when you get cold?

I will come and warm you up

What should a warm up routine do to your body temperature?

Increase the body temperature.

How exothermic and endothermic relate to responding to external changes?

Exothermic and endothermic both have to adapt to the climate changes. For example exothermic need to move in the sun or light source when they are cold and move to a cool place when they are hot. Endothermic have to let their body temperature warm up by being in the warmest place possible, when they are cold they instantly start trying to warm up automatically.

Is the general purpose of a warm up to increase the functional potential of the body as a whole?

the general purpose of a warm up is to let the body know what is coming make sure to stretch a lot and run easy on the warm ups. but it will prevent you from injuring yourself to so always warm up!!